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Swarovski is on a mission to encourage women everywhere to change it up. To mix it up. To be whoever they want to be. We spoke to two inspiring women who do just that with the help of the Swarovski Remix Collection.

The Swarovski Remix Collection is a versatile range of jewellery that can be adapted to suit the wearer’s mood or situation. Featuring four different styles – Romantic, Timeless, Glam or Rock Chic -  an innovative magnetic clasp allows you to mix and match a variety of strands to create your own unique look.

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Maxine-Laurie Marshall

Maxine-Laurie Marshall combines her classic office look with her incredibly glamorous hobby

If you’ve ever wanted to swap the grey carpet of your office for the white sands of Copacabana beach, you’re in good company. Maxine Laurie-Marshall, 29, has gone a step further, shaking off the stresses of her day working in a content marketing agency by performing as a passista [lead dancer] of a samba school in her free time. From timeless elegance to flamboyant glamour in one swift step.

How would you describe your style during the day?
I’m quite feminine, but not necessarily girly. I interview a lot of CEOs and CFOs in my job and I like to look professional so I’m a big fan of pencil skirts and slim-fitting tops. And heels, of course.

How did you get into samba dancing?
I’m not amazing at dance but I adore it – so when it came to exercise, it was always some form of dance. In 2012 I was doing a Zumba class and the instructor said, ‘If anyone wants to do carnivals, stay behind, we’ll have a chat.’ So I did a few rehearsals. And when I saw the Paraiso School of Samba come together at that carnival, I literally fell in love. I knew I had to learn how to dance properly to this rhythm.

Is Samba easy to master?
No. It takes a long time. It was literally about two months of practising, and then one day your body gets that basic movement. From there you can pile on all the other steps. But I was practising at home, literally watching YouTube videos like, ‘I don’t understand’.

Do you have to put on another persona when you’re performing?
Yes, absolutely. Especially in this country, samba goes against all our culture. It’s just not British to be this sexy, confident thing out there in heels and feathers. But I think there’s a flamboyant element in most people, and it just needs teasing out. I just put my make-up and heels on and just go – there’s something in you that has to switch.  There’s a particular teacher who’s just done wonders for my confidence because he’s Brazilian and always takes the mickey out of British people in comparison. He’s like, ‘You have to forget that! Forget what you’re used to, what you’ve grown up with – you are Carioca [a Brazilian native], you are wonderful, you are sexy.’

And you dance in six-inch heels?
Not six inches. The highest I’ve got are 12 centimetres. I got those from Rio just because I wanted Rio Samba shoes but they’re too high. Normally, I dance on a three-to-four-inch heel.

You’ve done the Rio Carnival. That must have been incredible.
It was ridiculous. Fireworks go off and you see this stadium full of people cheering. It’s 40 degrees, its the middle of the night, and it gives me goose bumps just thinking about it.

How would you describe your look when you’re dancing?
It’s glamorous, fun and sexy, because you’ve got the crystals and the feathers. There’s not a lot to most of the outfits, but in a sophisticated sort of way. There’s so much more to samba than just sequins.

Jess Indeedy

A force of positivity, a fun enthusiast, and a professional Golden Girl. Get ready, Jess Indeedy is going to bring it.

When it comes to style all of us want a full house of strong looks. The new Swarovski Remix Collection gives women a chance to access different parts of their personality with ease. You might catch her wearing a fuchsia blazer by day but Jessica’s not afraid to glam it up even more with the help of a pineapple or two when she’s hosting her much-loved Indeedy Musical Bingo nights.

How long have you been doing bingo?
Since 2007. Before that I handled advertising for a couple of magazines. My mum passed away and I needed to do something more meaningful with my life. Losing her was a wake-up call that none of us know how much time we have left. I studied music in school, so I knew whatever I did had to be music related. I just love it and would never get bored if music was involved. 

Tell us about Indeedy Musical Bingo
It’s like regular bingo but instead of numbers, our DJ play music and people have to run up to the front to get a prize when they get a row of songs. I’m the presenter and we have a crew of granny dancers in shiny metallic tracksuits. There’s so much negativity in the world at the moment so we create a vortex of positivity for people to feel good.

So, you play a game of bingo, and then you sing a song?
The DJ will play the songs, and on everyone’s card is the songs and the name of the artists, like I Feel for You by Chaka Khan for example, and when you hear that come on, you mark your card. Like regular bingo, if you get a line, you run up and get the prize. I’m the presenter so I give out the prize. That’s the gist of it!

How does your look differ from day to night?
In the day, I’m either working from my office with my adorable dog, Marlowe, or going to meet clients. I have a favourite outfit at the moment – I call it ‘Golden Girls Chic’; pink trousers, a white shirt and my grandmother’s fuchsia blazer. If I’ve got a gig on, I dress really over the top - I’ll be wearing a green glittery playsuit with a banana belt pineapple headdress. I never compromise my creativity – it’s my superpower! 

So are you a bit of a chameleon?
Absolutely. I get to shift between two looks and characters; Connecticut soccer mum and wacky glittery superhero. It’s quite a contrast. My style motto is ‘express yourself’. You have every right to change your style day to day.

How do you accessorise with a pineapple headdress?
Ha! I wear delicate jewellery in the day, but then I layer it up in the evening with bigger, more obvious accessories.

Have you got a style motto?
Express yourself, whatever that may be at the time. You have every right to change your mind about that day to day.