Best eco-friendly trainers: Reformation launches conscious sneaks

Reformation has launched trainers for the first time (and they’re perfect for wearing with dresses)

Earth-first label Reformation has debuted its first-ever trainers, and you’re going to want in.

In the sneaker sphere, few trainers reign supreme. There are those that were almost designed exclusively to be worn with your favourite dresses, there are those that are affordable and purse-friendly and there are those that are made to have as little impact on the earth as possible.

Luckily for all conscious-fashion lovers, earth-first label Reformation’s trainer debut, which launches today, sits in the latter camp.

The trainers, which are modelled on retro-inspired Dad-esque shoes, are 100% recyclable (not that you’ll want to get rid of them anytime soon), with the brand endeavouring to upcycle surplus materials into shoes in the future. 

Best eco-friendly trainers: Reformation launches conscious sneaks
Reformation's debut trainer line is a sneaker stand-out.

Reformation is dipping its toe into the trainer pond with two conscious iterations. The first is the Harlow, which is made of responsibly-sourced leather, and the Hazel, which is crafted from recycled cotton canvas, meaning there’s a sustainable sneaker to suit all styles.

Reformation was founded in 2009 by Los Angeles native Yael Aflalo and is 100% carbon and waste neutral, and only uses deadstock and eco-friendly fabrics, while recycling or donating textile scraps with a view to eventually becoming zero-waste. 

Best eco-friendly trainers: Reformation launches conscious sneaks
Elsa Hosk models Reformation's first trainer launch.

The label is not only revered for its highly desirable items of clothing (which sell out, on average, within 38 days) but also for its eco-credentials.

Reformation first dipped its toe into the trainer pond in 2019 with a collaboration with New Balance, which saw the label put its whimsical twist on several of the footwear brand’s signature silhouettes.

Reformation’s first sustainable trainer collection starts at £130 and is available to buy now.

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Images: courtesy of Reformation