RIP summer: how to dress in this transitional period

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Amira Arasteh
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Summer is apparently already over, so here’s what you need in your wardrobe now…

We had a good run; the UK saw pretty much consistent warm weather for a month. Legs were out, sleeves rolled up and all the Vitamin D was absorbed. Now, though, the sunshine has been swapped for rain showers and sudden storms – and, as a result, some of you may be struggling to work out what to wear. 

So, whether you’re delving into the depths of your wardrobe where you had stashed all warmer clothing, or you’re making a mad dash for the shops, here’s how to nail that transitional style:

Choose your cover up

Sadly, the carefree, jacket-free lifestyle is not the case right now. Investing in a light jacket means you don’t have to completely ditch your summer style, instead opting to be smart and prepared for temperature drop. Go for the trusty denim: robust enough to combat windy weather, yet still nails the casual cute summer look. Another option is a light parka. Yeah, you’re kind of wearing a rain coat… in summer… but a bright-coloured waterproof will keep you feeling sunny.

Dresses are a girl’s best friend

Dresses are my uniform come the summer months and there’s no chance that a bit of rain is going to change that. The key is to go long and floaty (short skirts put you at risk of a Marilyn Monroe moment, and that’s just not cute) or, if you prefer to go short, a mini with long sleeves. The balance will help you avoid any hot flush situations and ensure you’re weatherproof all day long. 

Trusty boots

Nothing confuses me more than when I see women in sandals in the pouring rain: I admire the commitment, sure, but sometimes you’ve just got to admit defeat. 

Enter a trusty pair of boots. 

Yes, they might hide your latest pedicure, but you’ll thank me later when a car drives past and splashes a mini tidal wave onto the pavement. And remember: boots do not need to signal winter. Whether you opt for Dr. Martens, Chelsea boots, dicker booties or something else entirely, all you need do is pair them with the right dress and jacket and you’ll ooze festival-vibes worthy of Coachella. And it’s definitely not winter there. 

A good hairpiece

Whether you get a quirky jaw clip or take a leaf out of Blair Waldorf’s book and feel a headband, the bottom line is this: wind, humidity and rain are a surefire recipe for a bad hair day and you just don’t need that kind of negativity in your life. I vote you keep your hair off your face or tie it back altogether; either way will make sure you’ll arrive from A to B in a less frazzled fashion. 

Trousers, never jeans

If dresses aren’t your best friend, that’s OK: rainy summer season has not been ruined for you. Just make sure your jeans remain the bottom of your wardrobe as, while they might be the most flattering of trousers, they will be the most uncomfortable after a downpour. Opt for something more lightweight instead, like tapered athleisure trousers or angle-grazing cigarette pants. 

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