Rixo summer loungewear

Rixo’s founders share their tips on summer dressing and finding your post-pandemic fashion mojo

As the brand launches summer-ready loungewear, we catch up with Henrietta and Orlagh to chat about finding joy in fashion once again. 

As the rest of us established an arsenal of elasticated waistbands to ride out the pandemic in, Henrietta Rix and Orlagh McCloskey, the founders of cult brand Rixo, took it upon themselves to inject their saccharine prints and retro silhouettes into their own distinctive strain of loungewear.

The result was the six-year-old brand’s debut dip into the loungewear pool, which took the form of a range of vintage-inspired collared shirts and pretty house dresses. It launched just before lockdown 2.0 last November and now, despite the easing of coronavirus restrictions in England, Rixo’s first foray into loungewear proved so successful that Rix and McCloskey have designed yet another range especially for summer days, which launches today.

In true Rixo style, there’s not a sweatpant or sweater in sight, instead the 18-piece collection is brimming with summer-ready gingham and ditsy floral prints which deserve a place in your outdoor arsenal, as well as your at-home line-up. “There is a piece for all moods - traditional silk sets for cosier days and collared blouses that work well for video calls or popping out for a walk in the park,” says Rix. “We design our loungewear collections with everyday dressing in mind, our aim was to design a collection that makes women feel comfortable and chic.”

We caught up with Rix and McCloskey to find out what they’ll be wearing this summer and for their tips and tricks on how to find your fashion mojo once again.

Rixo summer loungewear
Rixo summer loungewear

Girls! How did you find lockdown? Where did you spend it?

Henrietta: We feel very lucky to say that we were both safe and well working from home in London. We were working around the clock on new and exciting ways to engage with our community in those challenging times. We felt there was a real camaraderie, so we are grateful! It was very hard not being able to spend time with loved ones, but knowing that we were all in it together made it much easier.

Do you feel like you lost a bit of your fashion mojo?

Orlagh: There were moments of this for sure, at first it was quite novel being able to work from home in PJs all day, but after a while the fun wears off and you just feel a bit flat, which is why we were both so excited to launch our debut Rixo loungewear collection, it arrived at the perfect time!

How has it been having a fashion brand during the pandemic?

Orlagh: It hasn’t been easy but we have tried to remain as agile as possible. We have been in constant communication with our customers, colleagues, friends and family; fashion brings joy to so many of us and we are always brainstorming new and exciting ways to excite our community. We feel incredibly lucky to be coming through the other side of the tunnel now, we all have so much to look forward to!

Rixo summer loungewear
Rixo summer loungewear

Are there any lessons you’ve learned that you’re going to take with you into life after Covid?

Henrietta: We have been reminded just how precious life is and after this year we want to spend as much quality time with our loved ones as possible. Our team have been incredible, so supportive and kind so we cant wait to continue to build a team where the people we surround ourselves with are really lovely as well as great at their jobs!

What’s been the best and worst part of the last year for both of you?

Orlagh: The best part has been collaborating with our Rixo team in new and innovative ways, together we have found ways of working to bring lots of exciting launches and projects to life.

The worst part has probably been closing our stores, which of course affected job roles. We are so thankful to have reopened now and have our teams back in full swing!

What do you have booked for 21 June and what will you be wearing?

Henrietta: I can’t wait to meet lots of friends outside for picnics and drinks. I’ll be wearing the Kendall dress from our Summer Loungewear collection, it works so well with trainers and then knitwear as day drinks turn to night!

Rixo summer loungewear
Rixo summer loungewear

Are you going all out with your fashion now that we’re allowed back into the world again?

Orlagh: Always! We have found ourselves wearing full printed Rixo silk dresses every day, more is more for us at the moment!

What advice would you give to somebody who’s lost their fashion identity in the pandemic? 

Henrietta: Whenever I’m feeling a little lost with my wardrobe I always find going into stores so inspiring. I book an afternoon to myself and go exploring. I’ll discover colours and materials that I wouldn’t necessarily go for online – I would recommend this to anyone who feels they are stuck! 

Prices start from £70, Rixo summer loungewear is available to buy now.

Images: courtesy of Rixo

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