The perfect sequin skirt does exist and it’s yours for £34.99

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As Christmas party season gets underway, there is one item that’s causing a stir on the Stylist team…

The conversations banded around the Stylist office during the month of December aren’t limited to but mainly involve these three topics on heavy rotation: what everyone is eating for lunch, what everyone is buying for Christmas, and what everyone is wearing for party season.

Christmas party season is officially in full swing (I have four parties this week and six next week – help) so you can see where the conversation has been focused. (For those interested I had tofu and broccoli noodles for lunch and I want a Loewe bag for Christmas). 

In fact, there has been one conversation in particular between myself and Stylist’s deputy editor, Gemma Crisp, that has dominated the Christmas party dressing chat and it went a little like this:

Gemma: Billie, have you seen the H&M Christmas campaign yet?

Billie: No (I was probably at lunch), what did I miss?

Gemma: A plaid trouser suit, a Cher Horowitz-inspired mini skirt, and the sequin skirt to end all sequin skirts.

Billie: Don’t you already own a silver sequin skirt? (What can I say, working in fashion makes you remember these things). 

Gemma: Yes, but it’s not like this sequin skirt.

Billie: You need it.

Gemma: I need it.

The rest of the Stylist office: Wait, what do you need? Do we need it too? 

In short, yes you need it too and here’s why:

1) It’s a universally flattering midi length that works on every body shape, but more importantly makes it an easy length to dress up or down.

2) The sequins are a muted silver colour which is far more appealing to daytime dressing and easier to wear than glaring metallic sequins

3) The skirt comes in sizes 4-22 and while this isn’t entirely inclusive, it’s more so that a lot of the Christmas party pieces on the high street

4) Coming in at £34.99 the H&M sequin skirt is an affordable piece to add to your wardrobe. 

H&M's sequin skirt comes with an equally desirable sequin top

Now for how to wear it…. 

A common misconception for sequins is that they should only be reserved for the most glamorous occasions – Studio 54 mood only. However, daytime sequins are not only something that is gaining popularity on the catwalk but a viable option when styled right.

According to our resident sequin-correspondent, Gemma,  the styling hacks are as follows:

Daytime: with a chunky roll-neck jumper (French-tucked, obviously), trainers and leather jacket.

Party: with a classic white slimline tuxedo bib shirt with rolled-up sleeves, killer heels and finessed with a statement headband. 

Shop our edit of the five best silver sequin skirts here. 

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