Proof that 90s Shania Twain was actually the unsung style hero of 2018

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From leopard print jumpsuits to vinyl trousers, Shania Twain has always been 2018. 

When you think of style icons in 2018, the list might include some Jenners, a couple of Hadids, a Blake Lively, an Emma Stone, and maybe a Jennifer Lawrence. From cycling shorts to power suiting, miniature sunglasses to neon brights, these are the women likely to be referenced as influencing our wardrobes and our way of considering what style is now. Then there are those that have been before and are making a resurgence: the cast of Friends, Cher Horrowitz from Clueless and Princess Diana.

One name that is unlikely to stir in your style cogs, though, is Shania Twain. Yes, that Shania Twain of Don’t Impress Me Much fame. The one that taught us that looking like Brad Pitt actually wasn’t that impressive. That one.

Because, in the midst of creating smash hit after smash hit and selling over 100million records, Shania’s unwavering sense of style has been entirely overlooked as marker for 2018 trends. 

Until now, that is.

Shania x Leopard Print 

Undoubtedly the trend that keeps giving, animal print led us through the summer month via slips skirts and cami tops and now it’s hitting full throttle into the autumns months in coats, dresses, skirts and every other piece of clothing under the sun. Essentially, the rule is: if you can wear it, likely it consists of leopard print. And if you take a moment to think about it, no one does head to toe leopard print quite like Shania. A hooded longline coat, gloves, trousers, a crop top and a leopard print covered hat box. Dedication to the cause right there. 

Shania x Vinyl trousers 

During the month of international shows there was a faint ‘squeak squeak’ everywhere you went. It wasn’t the twitter of birds, it was the swishing of vinyl trousers seen on the most stylish French and Italian street stylers. Granted, it is not the easiest fabric to wear, but when it comes to practicalities who doesn’t want a pair of wipe clean trousers? Make like Shania and pair with an oversized cropped jacket. 

Shania x The Tracksuit 

There is nothing more 2018 than a metallic-looking tracksuit with a chunky soled trainer. Shania was so ahead of the curve that she was making this look a thing some 20 years ago (snaps to you, Shania!), even adding in a crystal choker. The only thing that would make this more on trend is if she had a bum bag slung across her chest. 

Shania x 2018 Saint Laurent 

Shania Twain performing at the 41st Annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles. She won five Grammy Awards.

A tiny velvet LBD, full length black gloves, thigh boots… are these the ingredients to your Halloween look or is this next season Saint Laurent? No, this is Nineties Shania. You only need to take to Instagram this Christmas to see this entire look recreated without a mention of the OG velvet mini dress maker (that’s you, Shania). 

Shania x Sports Luxe 

We have waxed lyrical about yellow this year. Despite ultra violet being the official Pantone colour of 2018, the real colour hero was yellow. How to really elevate your tallow look, however, is through the most desired aesthetic of 2018: sport luxe. And how do you achieve such a look? Well, according to Shania it’s a neoprene yellow top paired with black combat trousers. 

Shania x Dress and Trousers 

Making your pieces work together should be a tricky 2018 trend, but Shania pulled it off with ease back in the Nineties. Think dresses over jeans, a roll neck under your dress or, you know, wear your dress open with an all-black ensemble underneath. A dress-jacket, if you will. 

Shania x Dad Dressing 

A puffer jacket gilet, cargo trousers, dad-esque slightly scruffy trainers, button down Oxford shirt, unbranded cap. Bow down to Queen Shania, nailing every 2018 micro trend in one look. We salute your Nineties self. 

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