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Wrap up warm: the best autumn coats for under £150

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Amy Lewis
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When it comes to autumn coats, striking the right balance can be tricky; with winter not quite in full swing, pick a coat too warm and you’ll be sweltering all the way home. Those brisk mornings however, well they warrant something a little more substantial than the leather biker jacket that saw you through spring.


Yep, finding the perfect autumn coat is akin to mastering a dark art, which is why we’ve undertaken the challenge on your behalf, scouring high street and online boutique alike to bring you the very best round up of autumn coats imaginable.

Make some space on the coat rack; your new autumn purchase is imminent.



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Amy Lewis

Amy Lewis

Amy Lewis is a freelance writer and editor, a lover of strong tea, equally strong eyebrows, a collector of facial oils and a cat meme enthusiast. She covers everything from beauty and fashion to feminism and travel.

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