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18 chic lingerie sets to wear all year round

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Moya Crockett

Every year when February rolls around, we suddenly find ourselves inundated with adverts and articles urging us to stock up on saucy underwear in preparation for Valentine’s Day. We’re not sure what arbiter of taste, way back in the mists of time, decided that the sexiest thing a woman could wear under her clothes was cheap red faux-satin – but here at Stylist, we remain unconvinced.

There’s also something a little odd about the idea that women only buy nice underwear as a special treat for their sexual partners. Because let’s be honest: fancy underwear is a lot like expensive make-up, in the sense that it’s highly unlikely anyone else will notice you’re wearing a designer bra or Chanel Vitalumière foundation while trying to snog you.

No, as far as we’re concerned, the whole point of posh lingerie is that it makes you feel better – more confident, more supported, more glamorous – and that shouldn’t be limited to any time of year. From Calvin Klein sports-luxe sets to lacy Agent Provocateur combinations, here are our picks of the most stylish underwear sets available to buy online right now.


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Moya Crockett

Moya is Women’s Editor at As well as writing about inspiring women and feminism, she also covers subjects including careers, politics and psychology. Carrying a bottle of hot sauce on her person at all times is one of the many traits she shares with both Beyoncé and Hillary Clinton.

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