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The Stylist Christmas List: gifts for techies

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Are you – or do you know and love – a tech addict? Get your hit with all the latest, slickest and shiniest inventions, from the iconic Dyson supersonic hairdryer to the new MacBook Pro, right here. 

Compiled by: Tom Gormer
Words: Georgie Lane-Godfrey

  • Blow out

    Dyson’s supersonic hairdryer has a heat-protection sensor to protect your locks (£299.99,

  • Code it

    This cool DIY gamer kit teaches you how to code your own game (£70,

  • Keep track

    Skip with this LED enabled rope and it lights up to display your fitness data mid-air (£75,

  • Game on

    Give MarioKart a go in 3D with the new Nintendo 3DS console (£179.99, store.

  • Get clocked

    This clock uses natural light, sounds and scents to wake you from your sleep cycle (£57.99,

  • Capture it

    The clever Polaroid Snap camera lets you print instantly and digitally save and share photos (£89.99,

  • Snap happy

    Forget selfie sticks, this Mooni remote control lets you take phone selfies from any distance (£24.99,

  • Show and tell

    A pocket projector is handy if you need to give presentations on the go (£444,

  • Work it out

    The super-powerful MacBook Pro is the laptop of techie dreams (£1,749,

  • Hear me roar

    Cute yet deceptively powerful these portable speakers come in a variety of animal guises (£19.99,

  • Lock and load

    This blue-tooth padlock unlocks with an app so that you never need a key again (£65,

  • Print power

    Marvel at seeing your designs come to life with this Da Vinci 3D printer (£299.99,

  • Crank it up

    Sustainable and portable, these speakers are made from recycled cardboard (£25,

  • Plug in

    Sony’s headphones are wireless and washable (£119,