Sex Education x Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney has tapped the stars of Sex Education for her latest Breast Cancer Awareness campaign

As part of her annual Breast Cancer Awareness campaign, the queen of green has recruited the stars of Netflix’s buzziest show to draw attention to the cause. 

Since 2014, Stella McCartney, lauded fashion designer and eco-conscious supremo, has used her brand to support Breast Cancer Awareness month, which usually runs in October.

Last year’s campaign saw McCartney, who’ll be showcasing her spring/summer 2022 collection on Monday 4 October, create A Letter to My Loved Ones, a touching tribute featuring breast cancer survivors, and this year’s is no less ingenious.

Indeed, the London-born designer has tapped the stars of Netflix’s hit TV show Sex Education to help draw attention and awareness to the topic of how to check your breasts in this year’s sepia-filtered, 70s-inspired campaign. 

“Breast cancer is a horrific disease that has brought so much pain to women and families around the world, including my own,” McCartney says. “We need levity more than ever and I have always believed in bringing humour to fashion. Now, we are using it as a tool to remind women of all ages to check their breasts, especially younger women, who may not be aware they need to or skipped mammograms during lockdown.”

Sex Education x Stella McCartney
Sex Education x Stella McCartney

The topic of breast cancer, which affects approximately one in seven British females during their lifetimes, is one close to McCartney’s heart after she lost her mum, Linda, to the disease in 1998.

In line with Breast Cancer Awareness month in 2019, McCartney also crafted a post-mastectomy sports bra as part of her collaboration with Adidas. “With the Post-Mastectomy Sports Bra, I really wanted to encourage women to take care of their health through wellness and self-care,” McCartney says. “The bra allows us to support recovering patients through the next phase of their journey, and hopefully give them the confidence to get back into training.” 

To raise money for the cause, McCartney has also designed a limited-edition T-shirt, which is available to buy now; for every T-shirt purchased, the designer will donate a post-mastectomy bra to a breast cancer survivor. 

Shop the Sex Education x Stella McCartney Breast Cancer Awareness Month collection here.

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Images: courtesy of Stella McCartney.