This maternity brand wants to show what pregnancy really looks like

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Chloe Mac Donnell
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From visible pregnancy lines to breastfeeding, American brand Storq is getting real about maternity life…

Maternity brand Storq is set to replace all stylised model photos on its website with images of real women who are pregnant, postpartum or nursing.

The brand made the announcement on Instagram, explaining that going forward: “All images on our site will be unretouched and we will do our best to show how everything fits on different sizes, heights, stages of pregnancy and postpartum, and body types.”

The decision came about after founders Courtney Klein and Grace Kapin went through pregnancy themselves. They realised that their previous style of imagery – featuring pregnant models with small, neat bumps – didn’t accurately represent how pregnancy and birth can affect many women’s bodies.

Storq’s new campaign imagery predominantly features women found via Instagram, using hashtags like #stylethebump and #plussizedandpregnant.

“This campaign was about showing a lot of different women in different sizes, heights, stages of pregnancy, showing nursing mamas and mums of older kids,” Klein tells TODAY Style

Using only natural light, the resulting images are raw and thought-provoking. Two women are shown with linea nigra (a dark vertical line that can appear on women’s stomachs during pregnancy), while another is pictured breastfeeding her four-week old child.

“The idea was to help women relate more naturally with the models on our site and to hopefully make their shopping experience easier because of it,” said Kapin.

“When you’re pregnant and nursing your body is unpredictable and seeing people who are going through the same thing as you can be a real lifeline during those times.”

Previously, the brand has shot its designs paired with pieces from Céline and Prada, in a candid street style way. The duo admit that whilst it may have looked cool, it isn’t exactly how your average pregnant woman looks. 

Kapin says that with three kids between them, she and Klein now understand that even seeing models with slim arms can be off-putting.

“We’re very sensitive to what it makes you feel like – even more so after having been through it ourselves,” she tells Elle USA.

Based on the comments underneath the Instagram post announcing the campaign, it seems it’s already having a positive effect on users. 

“Love this so much! Truly freeing for every new mum/pregnant lady who is made to feel fat or unattractive or just wrong compared to every single maternity model! Love you guys and love this news!” wrote one user. 

“Absolutely love the new images on the site! They make it so much easier to find the right size” added another. 

Storq is available to buy in the UK via its website using independent shipping

Images: Storq/ Nicki Sebastian