Radio presenter Yasmin Evans on what makes up her style DNA

Stylist has joined forces with H&M to create Style DNA – a series that explores what individual style really means and how our fashion choices express who we are as people. We’ll be shining a spotlight on women for whom their style is a true extension of their creativity. What’s your Style DNA?

Radio and TV presenter, former florist and music obsessive Yasmin Evans is of the ‘slash generation’. 

One minute she could be presenting her radio show, the next a kids TV show and then after that advocating for our youth. 

But she embraces bold, eclectic looks pretty much through it all.

The Mancunian is a style shapeshifter, adapting her outfits to suit her mood and sharing looks with her Instagram followers that make her feel comfortable and confident, including banana-yellow suits and sportswear styles.

Yasmin spoke to Stylist and H&M about her career(s), experimenting with fashion and what has shaped her style DNA. 

How did your career in broadcasting begin?

I was volunteering at a community radio station and had gone on to study radio and TV. I was a qualified florist when a radio producer contacted me on social media, and that was pretty much it from 2012. It’s been quite full-on. 

For me, music has always been a big part of my life.  My career decided me! I never had a ‘thing’ – I tried singing, music sessions, every single instrument you could name. I actually had lessons in the triangle. 

It wasn’t until someone contacted me to tell me I was actually good enough to try that I started on my way.

What does a day in your life look like?

It changes all the time, which I find amazing. I have a radio show, but I might also be doing voiceovers, TV work or a photoshoot. Or I might just be at home, having a nap.

How do you think that impacts your style?

I think my style really reflects my job, because I could be someone different or be speaking about something different every day. 

I might wear a tracksuit behind the scenes on radio, but if I want to dress up and wear a lovely dress, I’ll just do it. I just think if you leave it in the wardrobe you’ll never wear it!

Do you have a trademark look?

I don’t really have a trademark look; I think if you have a trademark you almost style yourself around it – so I would rather be free. 

I do have certain things. If I’m going on a night out I always do winged eyeliner and have my hair up a lot. It’s less to do with my clothes and more to do with how I style all of the other stuff that fills in the gaps. 

I switch it up so much; I think that’s the best thing to do.

So what do you think makes up your style DNA?

I think the foundations of my style DNA are the people in my family. 

I have such a great family – they’re amazing and have so many different styles. Each person has influenced me so much. 

My mum is very casual while the other side are very dressed up and put together. Both sides have really helped me be myself in everything I do.

Have you got any wardrobe favourites?

I love a fitted T-shirt and H&M is my go-to for those. I know I can get one there that fits me perfectly. 

I also really love its hoops and big statement earrings, which I use to dress up a simple outfit. And you’ll often find me in their culottes, too, whether it’s with trainers or heels. 

And what would be your style advice?

My advice would be give it a go. 

I think with anything, if you try and you cant do it, that’s fine. 

It’s the same with style: if you look at something in the shop and think ‘Oh no, that wouldn’t suit me’, try it on in the changing rooms. If it doesn’t suit you and you don’t feel comfortable, on to the next outfit. But you never know – you may surprise yourself.

What do you want people to see when they look at your career? 

What I hope my journey shows is that, as cliche as it sounds, you could be anyone and be in this position. 

I was a florist and I never thought that I would be having a conversation with Denzel Washington or Oprah Winfrey. It’s just something that wasn’t in my vision. 

I always say it’s about the journey over the dream or the destination, so just go for it. Take those steps and try it out – if you don’t take the leap, you’ll never know. And that goes for everything in your life, from style to the roles you play.

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