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This week's Style List: from time-saving beauty buys to clever homeware hacks

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  • Plump it up

    Leave a flat cushion out in the sun – this will dry it out and leave it fluffed up again (£56,

  • Grate idea

    The ingenious and multi-tasking Microplane Cube Grater measures while you grate (£19.95, 

  • Brolly good

    The Kisha Bluetooth umbrella tells you if it’s going to rain and where it is if you lose it (£49.99,

  • Quick fix

    According to the legendary Liz Earle, rub sage on your glands if you’ve got a sore throat (99p,

  • Sleeping beauty

    Sleep on a Gingerlily silk pillow case and save on styling time by reducing hair-ruining friction (from £39,

  • Feed me

    Create bird seed balls from cheese and porridge oats and place in this bird feeder (£18,

  • One size up

    Blessed with a fuller bust? Then buy your plain T-shirts from Gap’s men’s section (£8.95,

  • Frizz fighter

    Use a pea-sized amount of Rituals Happy Hands as an emergency hair serum to banish flyaways (£8.50,

  • DIY denim

    Take jeans to Donna Ida and from £15, they’ll distress them or make them maternity wear (£165,

  • Triple threat

    Speaking in public? Wear Clarins’ Joli Rouge to help the audience lip read you while you talk (£19.50,

  • Fresh and wild

    To keep flowers looking fresh, add a drop of vodka and a teaspoon of white sugar (£60, 

  • Crease free

    Use hair straighteners to keep the collar crisp on this Bob by Dawn O’Porter dress (£190,

  • Nail saver

    Let Helmies nail helmets protect your manicure while it dries so you can get on with your day (£8,

  • Easy eraser

    DHC’s cotton swabs come pre-dipped to quickly fix make-up mistakes (£5.50,

  • Wash and go

    Avenue 32’s Roberta Benteler suggests using shampoo to wash your Yakshi Malhotra hat (£155,

  • Totally hooked

    Putting up a picture? Hold the nail with a clothes peg to avoid hammering your fingers (£3 for 36,

  • The final straw

    Use Sous Chef’s extra wide bubble tea straws to core your strawberries in seconds (95p for 20,

  • It’s a wrap

    Vintage-looking string makes humble brown paper wrapping look chic (£4.50,

  • Hot tip

    Remove burning chilli from your hands by rubbing them with oil and salt (Macadamia Oil, £6.99,

  • Short cut

    Place a dry towel into a dryer with wet laundry to help it dry quicker (towels by Hay, from £9, 

  • Elastic ties

    Fix rolled-up sleeves in place with elastic hairbands (Carine Roitfeld X Uniqlo- £89.90,

  • Cheers to that

    The Coravin 1000 lets you drink wine by the glass without pulling the cork. Witchcraft! (£269,

  • Keyed up

    Penclic’s mini keyboard changes your posture and reduces the chance of repetitive strain injury (£54.98,

  • Stand guard

    Hold Elf’s genius shadow shield along the lashline for smudge-free mascara (£4.50,

  • Roll with it

    To avoid crying while chopping onions, place a piece of bread under your tongue (petit pain, 40p,

  • Zip it

    This Max Mara coat has detachable sleeves and a foldaway bag for all weather conditions (£530,

  • True blue

    Skip the night cream by cleansing with Sunday Riley’s deeply hydrating Blue Moon balm (£46,

  • Hold up

    Fendi’s new standalone strap can be attached to any bag for instant Italian design kudos (£750,

  • Time saver

    Get your life back with the new Punkt phone that only makes calls and texts (£229,

  • Forget me not

    Never lose your keys again with this super-magnetic wooden target board (£40,