The most beautiful and stylish small bedrooms to inspire city dwellers

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When it comes to interior design, it's easy to think bigger is better. 

But as these beautifully designed small bedrooms prove, there is an infinite charm in making the most personal room in your house into a comfy, cosy, tiny nook where you can hide away from the rest of the world.

From minimalist London designs to quirky Scandi interiors and edgy New York apartments, we've found the most beautiful and stylish small bedrooms on the web. Come be inspired by these small and mighty masterpieces.

  • English nook bedroom

    This tiny English bedroom, designed by Farrow and Ball, is so beautiful we almost want to swap it for our own. The skylights ensure plenty of natural light while the shelving and under-bed drawers create nifty storage solutions.

    Image from Farrow and Ball

  • Two-storey Swedish bedroom

    The elevated bed in this tiny Swedish apartment (which measures just 377 feet in total!) cleverly creates a second storey in the bedroom.

  • Two-storey Swedish bedroom

    The clothes rail under the bed is a more space efficient option than a wardrobe, and the steps up are also used as chic shelves to display knick knacks and books.

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  • Stockholm loft living

    We're impressed this Stockholm home owner has managed to maintain a clean, minimalist feel in such a small space. 

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  • London's prettiest partition

    Clever partitioning can save space and look stylish in your home. We love the chic, minimalist feel of this tiny bedroom that can easily be hidden from the rest of the apartment.

    Designed by Veere Grenney Associates, photography by David Oliver

  • Cosy Camden hanging bed

    Potentially the most minimalist bedroom in the world, this "room" in Camden, London consists of only a double bed suspended from the ceiling.

  • Cosy Camden hanging bed

    In an incredible feat of space saving, the hanging bed is barely noticeable in the rest of the apartment.

  • Cosy Camden hanging bed

    Perhaps the best feature of the hanging bed is that it is suspended directly beneath a skylight, meaning the occupant can fall asleep beneath the stars and wake up to the sunrise. Heaven.

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  • Glass bedroom in Ukraine

    This chic bedroom in Ukraine is cleverly partitioned off from the rest of the apartment with a barely noticeable glass wall (you have to look really hard to see it). Extra storage space has been cleverly built into the wall opposite the bed while lights attached to the wall behind the bed save space on the floor.

  • Glass bedroom in Ukraine

    You would almost never know the tiny bedroom was there...

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  • Beautiful Belgium bedroom

    It doesn't get much tidier than this tiny, pared-back bedroom in Antwerp, Belgium. 

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  • Light and airy New York bedroom

    Create the illusion of space with plenty of natural lighting and a white colour theme that won't emphasise the size of a small bedroom. Accessorise with an oversized plant and quirky ceiling light to add further interest.

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  • Twin beds in Pennsylvania

    For a more grown up take on bunk beds, why not add a partition to a small bedroom and add in single beds that sit in opposite directions. Plenty of wall shelving helps with storage dilemmas.

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  • Quirky Californian mobile bedroom

    This teeny tiny bedroom is part of an entire teeny tiny mobile home, built by web designer and explorer Alek Lisefski. The miniature room makes the most of the available space with plenty of wall storage, including a long shelving unit behind the bed.

  • Quirky Californian mobile bedroom

    All the available space has been utilised, with the corridor leading to the bedroom housing a cosy rug and large hanging storage bag.

  • Quirky Californian mobile bedroom

    The bedroom can only be reached by a ladder from the main living space.

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  • Storage walls in Portugal

    For a nifty solution to space saving, why not build shelving units into the walls of a bedroom?

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  • Somerset cubby hole bed

    This adorable bedroom has been crafted out of a corner of a Shepherd's Hut in Somerset, England. The pastel tones and empty walls create an illusion of space while under-bed drawers and bedside shelving units solve storage issues.

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  • Small Scandinavian masterpiece

    This bedroom may only fit in a small alcove, but that doesn't mean it has to compromise on style. Rather than wasting floor space, the shelving units and bedside lamp are cleverly suspended from the ceiling, while the window ledge has been used as extra storage and display space.

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  • Swish Swedish bedroom

    The clever designers of this little bedroom in Sweden have made the most of the available space by creating a feature wall with large suspended cupboard space behind the bed.

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  • Minimalist New York living

    This New York apartment in the West Village is small but mighty. The minimalist white bedding and billowing curtains with a single patterned print keep the space cool but chic.

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  • New York nook

    This clever space saving design makes the most of a shared living/sleeping area. Soft linen curtains act as a partition for the tiny bedroom and a lamp attached to the wall saves precious floor space.

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  • Smart London apartment

    The extra storage unit at the foot of the bed in this smart London apartment not only adds storage space but also brings together the aesthetics of the room.

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  • Pennsylvanian bedroom

    This miniature bedroom in Pennsylvania certainly makes the most of back wall storage. Plenty of natural light from the large windows also gives an illusion of space.

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  • Small Swedish bedroom space

    This minimalist Swedish bedroom combines soft and cosy fabrics with bold lines and dark colours.

  • Small Swedish bedroom space

    The small bedroom fits in perfectly with the rest of the apartment's living space.

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  • Loft living in London

    Maximise small and unusual spaces with plenty of interesting knick knacks displayed on shelving units.

  • Loft living in London

    And when it comes to furniture, stick to the basics - a bed and chair are probably all you need.

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  • White and cream dream

    Cream-washed walls and white linens are a great combination for creating a calming atmosphere that belies how small a bedroom really is.

    Image from One Kin Design

  • Barcelona hideaway

    This tiny bedroom in a renovated 1930s apartment in Barcelona lets the beautiful tiled floors do all the talking.

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  • Wonderful white

    Keep a small space timelessly elegant with an all-white colour palette.

    Image from Stadshem

  • Tiny Tel Aviv bedroom

    A white fabric partition is all that separates this little bedroom in Tel Aviv from the rest of the apartment. Storage space is built into the wall opposite the bed and sunny yellow accents give a bright splash of colour throughout the otherwise monochrome space.

  • Tiny Tel Aviv bedroom

    With the petition closed, the bedroom becomes a cosy, minimalist nook.

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  • Clever bed

    Maximise a small space by investing in a bed with multiple uses. The clever folding tray can be used as a desk while the second bed that slides out from underneath is ideal for guests.

    Image from One Kin Design

  • Scandinavian simplicity

    A neutral and monochrome colour palette combined with bold and simple accessories keeps this tiny bedroom stylish.

    Image from Stadshem

  • Floral inspiration

    If you would prefer a little colour in your small space, opt for a bold patterned wallpaper; you could try one statement wall or go for an all-over effect, like this gorgeous mini bedroom.

    Image by Anson Smart

  • Botanical distraction

    Distract from the size of your bedroom with a brightly coloured statement print or piece of wallpaper.

    Image by Romain Ricard

  • Natural lighting

    This small bedroom appears instantly larger thanks to the incredible, floor to ceiling windows.

    Image by Maura McEvoy

  • Vertical stripes

    Make a room appear instantly taller with the addition of vertical stripes. 

    Image by Paul Costello

  • Make the most of the room shape

    Sometimes, sacrifices have to be made in the interest of space saving. This single bed fits perfectly into the wall, leaving a generous amount of floor space that gives the impression of a much larger bedroom.

    Image from One Kin Design

  • Grown up bunk bed

    One quick and easy way to save space is to create an adult bunk bed. We love that this American flag inspired bedding is the focal point of the otherwise white and cream bedroom.

    Image from One Kin Design

  • Complementary patterns

    Avoid the minimalist look entirely with complementary patterns in equally complementary colours. We guarantee visitors won't notice the size of a bedroom with beautiful prints like these.

    Image from One Kin Design

  • Clever cabinets

    On paper, this tiny New York bedroom should be a nightmare to live in, with its sloped walls and distinct lack of shelving. However, cabinets have been built into the walls all the way up to the top of the room, meaning there is storage aplenty.

    Image via ealuxe

  • The study that transforms into a bedroom

    In an impressive feat of clever designing, one family decided to raise the floor level of their bedroom and transform it into a daytime study - with a bed underneath that can be drawn out at night. Bravo.

    Image via Baby Almost Home

  • Dead space

    Utilise any available dead space to cleverly store your belongings and free up precious space elsewhere in your bedroom.

    Image from Planete Deco

  • Sunken bed

    Behold, the incredible sunken bed surrounded by hidden storage space. We want.

    Image via Duitang

  • Wall drawing

    Looking to save a little space by removing the headboard from your bed? Try adding a cool wall drawing in the blank space left over.

    Image from Interieur Design

  • Secret storage

    This tiny white and wood bedroom looks like it is seriously lacking in storage space...

  • Secret storage

    ...But in reality, the entire floor under the bed opens up into a secret walk in (step down?!) wardrobe!

    Image from Apartment Therapy

  • Magic mirrors in Brazil

    Large mirrors are guaranteed to make a bedroom feel much bigger than it really is. This double mirror, separated by chic brickwork, makes this tiny Brazilian bedroom look impossibly elegant.

    Image from Casa e Jardim

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