The Stylist wedding blog: a last-minute accessories panic

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Natasha Tomalin
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This week on the Stylist wedding blog and with just weeks to go, resident bride-to-be Natasha Tomalin is struggling to source the finer details of her big day - from jewellery to underwear and beyond.

With just four and a half weeks to go I still have no shoes, no underwear, no jewellery and my mum can’t find the garter she wore on her wedding day anywhere, which is meant to be my something blue.

Everyone talks about finding the perfect dress but what about all the finer details?

To say my stress levels are quite high would be the understatement of the century.

I pride myself on being the most organised person in the world, so I don't know why I've left everything to the last minute.

I think it’s because I just can’t find anything I like. The ideas I have in my head are too specific and when I can’t find that exact thing, I get annoyed and stop searching for it.

Hence the severe lack of EVERYTHING.

In terms of jewellery, I have an idea of an art deco crescent moon brooch that I can sew into my hair, which amazingly I stumbled upon this weekend staring back at me from a shop window in Mayfair's Burlington Arcade (below, centre). Needless to say, at £4,500 I’ll have to think of a plan B for that one.

The only piece of jewellery I have so far is my wedding ring. I wanted a really really thin band with teeny tiny diamonds half way round as my engagement ring is quite an unusual shape, and this is not something that is readily available in jewellery shops. So I approached jewellery designer Georgina Boyce whose designs I had come across at a wedding event. You can’t really go wrong with a bespoke design as you can have exactly what you want and it’s beautifully crafted for you. Pricing for these pieces varies, but as a starting point you could get a 2mm court 9ct yellow gold ring for about £275.

Georgina says, "The journey totally varies for every client.  Sometimes I am given a free reign to produce designs (often the case with terrified men for engagement rings!), sometimes my clients have a very clear and firm idea of what they are after and I just need to refine it and produce the item. It's also fairly common for me to be given a pile of old jewels that aren't worn or have been left to them and I am asked to creat pieces using the stones in them so with those projects I am breathing new life into the old which is lovely."

My fiancé Ian wasn’t able to find a ring he liked so I suggested he get it made by Georgina Boyce too. He opted for a rose gold in the end, something he would never have though of if he’d just bought off-the-shelf.

I’ve found the perfect burgundy velvet Jimmy Choo shoes but they’re just too high so I’m trying to track down a lower heel version. When it comes to underwear, I’ll probably just order some from M&S's bridal range because it seems the safest, quickest and most reliable option.

Ian also found sourcing his suit and accessories a challenge. Seeing as I went bespoke with my dress, he decided to do the same with his outfit opting for a thee-piece black suit from Mark Powell who was actually recommended by my dressmaker. What has been so brilliant for Ian is that Mark – a man really in the know with over 40 years in the industry – has helped him with everything else. 

Apart from the suit, which I saw on Saturday and looks terrific, he has suggested the perfect accessories for Ian: a gold antique tie pin, an ivory knitted tie which just happens to match my dress colour perfectly, cufflinks and even the best place in London for Ian to go and get his shoes (Crockett & Jones apparently!).

It really is worth having someone on side that knows their onions.

So, there you have it.

Four and a half weeks to go and lucky for Ian, he’s sorted. I, however, am not.

My advice would be to think not only about the dress when you go for that first fitting, but the whole package and get it sorted all at once.

Make sure that your groom gets in with someone who knows what looks good and can advise, because the last thing you want when you are running around like a headless chicken at the last minute looking for crescent moon brooches and burgundy velvet court shoes is to be worrying about what he has and hasn’t done.

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Main image: Georgina Boyce instagram