Summer fashion 2022: the return of the skort

So long, skirts: this summer, it’s all about the rise of the skort

Forget everything you thought you knew: skirts are over and shorts are dead. This summer, it’s all about the skort. 

As the old adage goes, where TikTok goes, we are all soon preordained to follow. A quick glance at the renaissance of Ugg boots and the embrace of Kim Kardashian’s underwear brand Skims is all the proof you need (having amassed views on the app of 330 million and 1.2 billion respectively).

As a sticky summer in the city hurtles towards us, the most-downloaded app in the world is predicting the rise of yet another weird and wonderful relic of a bygone era: the skort.

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Summer fashion 2022: the return of the skort
Skorts are the summer style staple to be resurrected from the 00s grave.

Views of #skort have soared to just shy of 50 million views on the video-sharing app, with users particularly enthralled with Girlfriend Collective, Tala and Slazenger’s iterations of the shorts-skirt hybrid.  

A quick glance at the arbiter of internet fads, Google Trends, confirms the return of the activewear staple: searches for skorts have spiked by 750% in the last year alone, according to the analyser.  

Summer fashion 2022: the return of the skort
Girlfriend Collective's skorts have struggled to stay in stock since their launch.

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Peachy Den, one of the fashion industry’s most notable success stories of the last three years, has woven skorts into its latest drop, which it’s deftly called Sporty Noughties.

“Skorts give you an extra layer of coverage, which makes sure you feel confident during the summer,” says Peachy Den’s founder, Isabella Weatherby. “They mean you can make the skirt that little bit shorter because you know you have the shorts underneath.” 

Summer fashion 2022: the return of the skort
Peachy Den's fun and flirty skorts are becoming a fashion favourite,

Weatherby references how she was inspired by her school’s netball uniform when designing Peachy Den’s skorts. They’re “functional while also still being playful”.

That’s precisely the virtue of the skort, which combines the flirtiness of fashion’s current frisson with vertiginous hems, with the sensibility required of late-night summer partying. It’s the latest in a long line of 00s staple to be resurrected, but this might just be the one that convinces you to join the nostalgic parade. 

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Images: Peachy Den; courtesy of brands