00s fashion: Tammy Girl is back, these are the favourite memories

Tammy Girl is back! A love letter to the 00s label that’s finally making its return

Tammy Girl, the 00s favourite high street fashion fixture, is back – here are six women on their favourite Tammy Girl memories (get ready for an onslaught of cargo pants, tank tops and rhinestones).

Of the stable of 00s staples that have reared their heads in recent years, few have been ushered into the inner sanctums of the style sphere more so than Tammy Girl.

Alongside the return of jelly shoes to the fashion fore (yes, really) and the renaissance of Juicy Couture in all of its rhinestoned glory, Tammy Girl, which shuttered its doors in 2016, is the latest 90s and 00s brand to receive the full fashion makeover.

Having been recently acquired by 00s-inflected label Daisy Street, a 32-piece Tammy Girl collection has debuted exclusively on Asos and to say it’s brimming with nostalgic sartorial nods is an understatement. Think slinky maxi dresses, diamanted tank tops and more mesh than you could shake a stick at.

According to Asos, the e-tailer has experienced “a strong appetite for nostalgic styles”, with its Kickers, Buffalo and Juicy Couture collections proving increasingly popular of late. After the British brand stocked Daisy Street’s Groovy Chick revival last year, the desire for more nostalgic staples became clear, and the two began brainstorming how to resurrect Tammy Girl in a way that resonates as well today as it did in the 00s.

Despite Asos’ exclusive Tammy Girl capsule facing criticism for its lack of inclusive sizing – its size offering only spans to a UK size 16 – news of the return of one of the gems of the high street’s former crown had our collective tongue wagging. Take a trip down memory lane, with this sextet of Stylist women and their favourite Tammy Girl memories.  

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Jazmin Kopotsha, Stylist executive editor 

“You remember when ‘girl boxers’ were a thing? Not in the ‘cool girl lying upon crisp white bedsheets, basking in the seductive glow of one single ray of sunlight with a hand suggestively tucked into her white Calvin Klein waistband’ way. I’m talking about the garish rim of florescent pink that would peek out above your low rise jeans. Just the elastic, though. So that the out-rage-ously sassy tagline printed across your fraying waistband is legible for your fellow rebellious teen of the early 00s to read at a glance. ‘TAMMY GIRL’, my favourite weathered pair would read. And that, my friends, is how I came to believe I was the hottest piece of shit on the secondary school playground.” 

00s fashion: Tammy Girl is back, these are the favourite memories
Tammy Girl is back in all of its 00s goodness.

Nadya Duke, actor  

“Going to Tammy Girl every weekend was a ritual during my tween era. My dad and I would head into central Liverpool religiously on Saturday so that I could indulge in the cutting-edge newness that was slashed crop tops with fishnet sleeves. With Baby Spice as my sartorial inspiration, 13-year-old Nadya felt like Tammy Girl embodied Emma Bunton’s aesthetic perfectly. When my grandfather passed away, I felt like the best place to spend some of my inheritance was, naturally, Tammy Girl. I went for what I described as an ‘investment piece’ at the time – chunky sneakers with wheels underneath that you had to manually pull out. I wore them once but maintained that they were absolutely a necessary purchase.” 

Morgan Cormack, Stylist digital entertainment writer 

“When I think of Tammy Girl, it’s hard not to think of words that revolve around ‘fabulous’ and ‘nostalgic’. Pre-teen me was relatively unfashionable but somehow, with the help of Tammy Girl, I could float around in a variety of playful tops, bejeweled scrunchies and garish pastel prints that can only make me smile when thinking about them now. Did I have any business skipping around park playgrounds with my jelly heeled sandals? Probably not. But did they make me feel great? Of course. Add to that the swath of vibrant friendship bracelets and butterfly-adorned T-shirts I seemed to amass in my adolescent wardrobe, and it’s safe to say I’m more than a little excited for the brand’s return.” 

Rosa Gold, fashion producer

“Tammy Girl was the first brand that felt like a grown-up place to go and spend my hard-earned pocket money. While my friends reached for its dresses in all of their rhinestoned glory, it was its bedazzled tank tops and low-slung cargo pants that I bought time after time, week after week. It eventually ended in my mum banning me from buying anything else from Tammy because my wardrobe became so full of pieces from the brand, that it wouldn’t shut properly. I wish more than anything that I’d kept everything I splashed the cash on back in the day, it’d save me from having to buy the exact same pieces again now, which are back again.”

Molly Saunders, Stylist designer 

“My and my best friends absolutely loved it, we owned many matching tank tops in different colourways to coordinate on non-school uniform days and at parties. I very much remember going into Tammy’s store with my mum to get an outfit for the end of year school disco; we popped into Tammy for the clothes and across the road to Claires for accessories. We all would’ve died for one of the teeny tiny black skirts to wear to school but sadly our uniform was grey and we were far too young to wear one to school anyway. The Tammy pieces we owned were like the holy grails of our wardrobe, saved for all the special occasions and where you knew you’d bump into someone you’d want to look cool in front of. The real Tammy star of the show was that feted monochrome dress - anyone who was remotely cool owned it, it came in several prints and made an appearance at every single party. RIP.” 

00s fashion: Tammy Girl is back, these are the favourite memories
Expect all of the diamante and rhinestones from Asos' Tammy Girl capsule.

Miranda Larbi, Strong Women editor 

“Nothing sums up 2001 like the balloon dance pants I bought from Tammy Girl. Each leg was triple the width of my actual leg, with random strips of fabric sewn in between huge pockets. Every girl at my stage school had a pair… despite the fact that if you actually tried to do tap in them, you’d probably stack it from catching your shoe in some of the fabric. Grunger-meets-off-duty-dancer-cum-SAS-general was the vibe. Come to think of it, I’d definitely buy another pair if they came back into fashion today.” 

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Images: courtesy of Asos.