The 20 best fashion moments in Doctor Who

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We all know that bow ties are cool and that a pinstripe suit doesn't look really great unless you're wearing a pair of Converse trainers. But what of the women in the Doctor's life who have also proved their sartorial worth?

In light of today's Christmas special where we say goodbye to Matt Smith and hello to Peter Capaldi, we've looked back at all the best fashion moments in Doctor Who. Tell us about your favourite outfit in the comments below or tweet us @StylistMagazine.

The Time Of The Doctor airs on Christmas Day at 7.30pm on BBC One

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  • Zoe Heriot's sparkly jumpsuit

    While companion number 13 sported a variety of superb outfits, opposite the second Doctor Patrick Troughton, it was this sparkly jumpsuit which we'd quite like to borrow the most. She's so cool, a fan has even created a YouTube tribute to her (sound tracked by Lady Gaga, no less)

  • River's glamourous look

    In terms of Doctor Who, River is a veritable sartorial cameleon. Witness how she goes from elegant formal wear, paired with red nails and Marilyn Monroe hair, to army fatigues in The Time of the Angels.

  • Lily Cole

    Lily Cole played the ethereal siren (who turned out to be a virtual doctor, natch), in The Curse of the Black Spot, and grabbed any unwell members of the crew the Fancy ship. And really, what could be more fashionable than having an actual supermodel star in Doctor Who?

  • Rose Tyler's beanie and hoodie attire

    Rose’s outfits were always on the sports-casual side of things, not that we minded. When we first met her she was wearing baggy jeans, tight tops and zip-up jumpers (by Punkyfish, if you want to recreate the look authentically). Although her style changed to skinnier jeans and tighter (leather-look) tops, this is how we’ll always remember her.

  • Amy's red jump

    If there's anyone who can wear a red jumper with red hair, and not look ridiculous, it's Amy Pond.

  • Clara's high top trainers

    As with the older generations of Who companions, they nearly always adhere to the current fashion trends, and Clara Oswald is no different. In Asylum of the Daleks, where we first meet Clara, she's spotted wearing these brilliant high top red trainers. Yes, we want a pair, is it that obvious?

  • Kylie Minogue as Astrid

    Although there's nothing particularly remarkable about Kylie's outfit in this Titanic-themed Christmas special episode, we love the vintage look.

  • Susan Foreman's baker boy cap

    Susan Foreman, played by Carol Ann Ford, was introduced in the first series of Doctor Who in The Unearthly Child. Unlike other companions since, she's the only one who's actually related to the Doctor (she's his granddaughter). Gallifreyan blood aside, she's also a brilliant dresser, just take a look at that Baker Boy cap.

  • Jo Grant's white boots

    If there ever was an item of clothing that epitomised the 70s it was the knee-high boot and Jo Grant carries them off perfectly.

  • Melody Pond's leather waistcoat

    In theory this outfit shouldn't work, but somehow Melody Pond's leather waistcoat totally works. And, miraculously, doesn't make her look like she's in a Guns N' Roses tribute band.

  • Clara's peter pan collar

    Nearly all the companions have a trademark 'look' and Clara's is little tea dresses. This is our favourite from the episode Journey to the centre of the Tardis.

  • Donna's wedding dress

    Even though this dress wasn't our favourite, it was a brilliant show-stopping moment when the 10th Doctor met Donna.

  • Martha Jones' leather jacket

    Oh Martha. She didn’t always have the best of times (unrequited love for the Doctor probably being her lowest point) but she did have a rocking leather jacket. That thing went EVERYWHERE with her.

  • Leela

    This character was meant to fit the mould of George Bernard Shaw's Eliza Doolittle, so the writers came up with Leela who was a member of the warrior Sevateem tribe. While she was intelligent, she didn't understand technology, and so her primitive appearance matched her savage ways. It's what we like to call tribal chic.

  • Amy Pond's "police" outfit

    That police’s uniform, or kissagram outfit, is the first thing the Doctor sees Amelia Pond wearing when he returns.

  • Madame de Pompadour's exquisite gowns

    As one of the most beautiful characters ever to appear in Doctor Who, it seems fitting that Madame de Pompadour has the most exciting dresses.

  • River's final goodbye outfit

    We're not going to lie, we cried more than a few tears when River said goodbye to the Doctor in the final of the recent series, which is why this outfit is particularly special.

  • Romana the Time Lady

    Romana/ Fred (or Romanadvoratrelundar if you've got enough time), was a Time Lady assigned to assist the fourth Doctor. She took a few incarnations, but this one is our favourite as the first version played by Mary Tamm. This beautiful white gown is worn in The Ribos Operation.

  • Signora Rosanna Calvierri Venetian dress

    Signora Rosanna Calvierri is pretty terrifying by all accounts. She has a school which promises to look after the young girls of Venice but slowly transforms them into her own species - the Saturnyians. That said, she has the most spectacular frock. It even looks good when her perception filter malfunctions.

  • Barbara Wright's Aztec get up

    Teachers Ian Chesterton (William Russell) and Barbara Wright are travelling alongside Susan Foreman and the Doctor. As they travel to 15th Century Mexico, Barbara is mistaken for a female reincarnation of the ancient high priest Yetaxa, and assumes her guise and identity. The headdress alone is spectacular.