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Lightning bolt earrings, hand-woven rattan vases, 2022 calendars and 6 more of our favourite buys from indie brands

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Each week, team Stylist brings you nine chic buys from independent brands across interiors, jewellery and beauty. Scroll down to find your favourites…

Here at Stylist, we want to make shopping independent brands easier. Which is why, every week, we bring you the latest fashion-forward offerings from established and rising indie brands you’ll end up becoming fast fans of in the form of The Drop by Stylist  our marketplace where you can discover all the latest items, as well as make savings exclusive to us along the way.

This week, get ready to add some electricity to your neutral outfits with a pair of lightning bolt earrings that promise sparkles galore, add a touch of rattan to your tablescape with a beautiful hand-woven vase, and for those still on the hunt for a 2022 calendar that’s equally as motivational as you want to be this year, we’ve got just the pale pink thing in mind…

  • London Botanical Laboratories avocado and CBD 8-hour moisture fill avocado sleeping mask

    London Botanicals 8-Hour Moisture Fill Avocado Sleeping Mask
    The Drop: London Botanicals 8-hour moisture fill avocado sleeping mask

    Has winter weather stripped your skin of moisture? Try London Botanical Laboratories’ overnight face mask. This lightweight, creamy treatment contains anti-inflammatory CBD, nourishing avocado oil and ceramides, which support the renewal of the skin’s natural protective layer and defend against moisture loss.

    After your evening cleanse, simply apply a thin layer all over the face and let it work its rehydrating magic overnight. You’ll wake up to hydrated, softer skin – and who doesn’t want that?

    Shop London Botanical Laboratories avocado and CBD 8-hour moisture fill avocado sleeping mask at The Drop, £16

  • My Doris beaded lightning studs in gold and silver

    My Doris Silver Beaded Lightening Studs
    The Drop: My Doris silver beaded lightening studs

    Maybe it’s because they remind us of David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust era, but we do love lightning bolts. Katie Williamson, the founder of Suffolk-based brand My Doris, is big on vintage-inspired jewellery – and these earrings are particularly lovely.

    Available in gold or silver beading, the studs have a punky yet glamorously retro feel. Ethically made in family-run workshops in India, they’ll add the perfect finishing touch to your favourite block-colour sweater or Ganni dresses.

    Shop My Doris beaded lightning studs in gold and silver at The Drop, £10.50

  • Stitch With Skye embroider your own tote bag

    email3_Stitch with Skye_Tote bag embroidery kit_£22.99_
    The Drop: Stitch with Skye tote bag

    Yes, you’ve probably got 162 tote bags already (roughly). But have you ever embroidered your own? Enter, Stitch With Skye’s kits – an ideal no-screen pastime if you’re close to completing Netflix.

    Choose from six delicate designs, including a sunflower, a fern and a rather nice cat in a flower crown. Each kit includes a roomy 100% cotton tote with the pattern printed on, allowing you to embroider over the top – plus an embroidery hoop, threads, a needle, extra practice fabric and easy-to-follow instructions (with links to video tutorials, if that’s your kind of thing). If you’ve got an hour to kill, you know what to do…

    Shop Stitch With Skye embroider your own tote bag at The Drop, £22.99

  • The Basket Room natural woven storage basket

    email4_The Basket Room_Baskets_£14
    The Drop: The Basket Room natural woven baskets

    Already started your annual January declutter? Turn to The Basket Room’s woven containers. Available in three muted colour schemes and three sizes, they’ll provide plenty of stylish room to store everything from blankets to books.

    Even better, each of The Basket Room’s products is ethically handcrafted by skilled female artisans in a cooperative in south-west Kenya, who’ve been weaving baskets for generations. Let the tidying commence…

    Shop The Basket Room natural woven storage basket at The Drop, £14.50

  • Spritz Wellness Energise yoga mat spray

    email5_Spritz Wellness_Energise yoga mat spray_£12.50_
    The Drop: Spritz Wellness Energise yoga mat spray

    Yoga ranks highly on our list of favourite de-stressing activities. But it’s hard to embrace child’s pose with your face squished against a musty or sweaty yoga mat – which is where Spritz Wellness’ spray comes in.

    Simply spritz this deliciously refreshing mist across your mat, then wipe away. Lemongrass oil offers an addictively energising scent, while tea tree oil acts as a natural antibacterial and antiviral agent (particularly useful if you’re easing back into in-person classes). Keep your mat as clear as your mind.

    Shop Spritz Wellness Energise yoga mat spray at The Drop, £12

  • Piece and Quiet Indoor Jungle art jigsaw puzzle

    email6_Piece and Quiet Puzzles_Indoor jungle puzzle_£24.99_1
    The Drop: Piece and Quiet Puzzles Indoor Jungle

    If you exhausted your existing jigsaw supply over Christmas, invest in this 500-piece beautiful offering from Piece and Quiet. Designed by London-based artist Sophie Charnley, the puzzle depicts a scene that will look familiar to all obsessive plant parents.

    As with all Piece and Quiet’s jigsaws, it also doubles up as a work of art for your walls once completed; just glue the pieces together and frame away. Ideal if you’re staying in this month to a) save money or b) avoid a certain Covid variant.

    Shop Piece and Quiet Indoor Jungle art jigsaw puzzle at The Drop, £24.99

  • Marina B Designs C'est La Vie jumper

    email7_Marina B_Cest les vie_Bonjour jumper_£45_
    The Drop: Marina B C'est La Vie jumper

    It might be un peu basic, but we really do believe everything sounds better in French. Fortunately, Leicestershire-based lifestyle label Marina B has us covered. These navy sweatshirts are adorned with roll-off-the-tongue phrase, ‘C’est La Vie’, in handwriting we wish we had.

    Made from 80% cotton, they’re soft, breathable and will see you from pub trip to dog walk to sofa session with ease. De rien

    Shop Marina B Designs C’est La Vie jumper at The Drop, £45

  • Lethally Her 2022 wall calendar

    email8_Lethally Her_2022 wall calendar_£15_v2
    The Drop: Lethally Her 2022 wall calendar

    Not got a calendar for the new year yet? Introducing Lethally Her’s delectable pale pink version. Made from vegan leather and recycled paper, it’s available with more than 16% off on The Drop.

    As well as space to scribble down important dates, birthdays and holidays, the calendar features quotes, tasks and tips to keep you motivated throughout the year – including monthly prompts to write down your own personal manifestations and affirmation reminders. Looking forward to the rest of 2022 just got a whole lot easier.

    Shop Lethally Her 2022 wall calendar at The Drop, £15

  • Sun and Day rattan hand-woven vase

    email9_Sun and Day Shop_Rattan vase_£33_
    The Drop: Sun and Day Shop rattan vase

    Rattan has made a Winona Ryder-style comeback in recent years, popping up in stylish homes across the nation in the form of headboards, lampshades, drinks trolleys and more. Now, you can incorporate wickerwork into your tablescape with Sun and Day’s hand-woven rattan vase, available with 5% off on The Drop.

    Not too big and not too small, simply fill with a fresh or dried bouquet or a spray of pampas grass for a natural, elegant aesthetic.

    Shop Sun and Day rattan hand woven vase at The Drop, £33

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