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9 of the best independent British brands to support now

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Each week, Team Stylist brings you nine chic buys from independent brands across interiors, jewellery and fashion. Scroll down to find your favourites.

Here at Stylist, we want to make shopping independent brands easier. Which is why, every week, we bring you the latest fashion-forward offerings from established and rising indie brands you’ll end up becoming fast fans of in the form of The Drop by Stylist  our marketplace where you can discover all the latest items, as well as make savings exclusive to us along the way.

This week, Team Stylist brings you a selection of items as wide-ranging as usual and just as wonderfully spring and summer appropriate. When next you’re headed away, whether it’s for the upcoming bank holiday weekend or venturing further afield to the shores of the Amalfi coast, we have a chic boater hat you’ll want to whip out for those beloved beach days. If you’re looking for a tote bag that sticks to your neutral aesthetic, Sun and Day has the perfect hessian option with beautiful bamboo handles. And, when the week finally catches up with you and the tiredness sinks in, look to Kim & Tonic’s ‘Knackered’ slogan T-shirt that quite literally encapsulates the mood at any given point.

Whether it’s fashion, interiors or beauty, there’s truly something for everyone here…

  • That Rebel House Six Piece Table Napkin Set

    That Rebel House Napkins
    The Drop: That Rebel House Napkins

    It’s no secret we love a tablescape, but there are a lot of pieces required to master this puzzle – the crockery, the centrepiece, the serving dishes, the glassware, the back-up tablecloths after an eventual wine spillage. The fuss-free answer lies in one key piece: That Rebel House’s set of mix and match 100% cotton napkins, which are available at a special Stylist price.

    Fast track your way to an effortlessly styled Instagram-worthy picture with this six-piece napkin set featuring the brand’s Wild Earth, Thrive, Dusty Candy and Equus Star designs. While you’re at it, add an extra one for the interiors-addicted friend in your life and spread the tablescape cheer one napkin at a time…

    Shop That Rebel House Six Piece Table Napkin Set at The Drop, £29.75

  • Craft and Crumb Jolly Jubilee Bake & Craft Kit

    Craft & Crumb Jubilee Baking Kit
    The Drop: Craft & Crumb Jubilee Baking Kit

    When you want to bring something to your upcoming Platinum Jubilee celebration party that’s guaranteed to put a smile on people’s faces, Craft & Crumb have just the baking kit in mind. 

    Filled with everything you need to create 15 crown-shaped cookies – gingerbread cookie mix, icing sugar, decorations, cutters, colouring tubes, piping bags and instructions – all that’s left to do is bask in your baking prowess.

    Shop Craft and Crumb Jolly Jubilee Bake & Craft Kit at The Drop, £19.99

  • Visir Fig Dress

    Visir Fig Dress
    The Drop: Visir Fig Dress

    Is there anything more summery than the look and taste of sun-drenched figs? Whether it’s lighting up Diptyque’s Figuier candle or spotting them everywhere as you waltz around southern Europe, we’re obsessed. And with fashion brands such as JW Anderson incorporating fruit motifs into their summer collections, it’s no wonder Visir’s fig-print dress has caught our eye..

    Available at a special Stylist price, this is a loose-fit wrap dress bursting with stylish detailing, from the V-neck to the cuffed sleeves. But most flattering of all? The thick side tie, which makes for a playful detail without any real effort having to be made. Whenever the sun’s out, we know what we’ll be throwing on.

    Shop Visir Fig Dress at The Drop, £58

  • Sun and Day Bamboo Hessian Tote Bag

    Sun and Day Bamboo Tote Bag
    The Drop: Sun and Day Bamboo Tote Bag

    Just like that pair of trusty white trainers that go with any and all summer looks, the tote bag is an everyday fashion staple. Looking for one that isn’t as big as you are? Sun and Day’s bamboo and hessian bag is perfectly sized for those days when you don’t need to carry the kitchen sink with you.

    With bamboo handles reminiscent of Gucci’s iconic Diana bag – frequently used by the Princess herself (as well as Sienna Miller) – this is a tote that fits all of your essentials: lip balm, wallet, phone and water bottle included. Whenever you’re running errands or going into the office, this is the practical, stylish companion you’ll want at hand.

    Shop Sun and Day Bamboo Hessian Tote Bag at The Drop, £22

  • Eve and Keel Stability Roller and Crystal Gift Set

    Eve and Keel Stability Gift Set
    The Drop: Eve and Keel Stability Gift Set

    Whether you’re suffering from Mercury in retrograde or simply in need of some self-care tools to relax and unwind, Eve & Keel’s Stability Set is the dose of tranquillity you’ll want by your side to keep you grounded and balanced at all times.

    The kit contains two key pieces: an aromatherapy roll-on for your inner wrists, swirling with soothing notes of vetiver, frankincense and elemi which are designed to calm your stability root chakra, while the chunk of Brazilian black tourmaline stone helps to ward off any negative energy. 

    Shop Eve and Keel Stability Roller and Crystal Gift Set at The Drop, £27

  • My Doris Orange Bead and Pearl Split Necklace

    My Doris Orange Bead Necklace
    The Drop: My Doris Orange Bead Necklace

    Who says you have to choose between playful Y2K beads à la the Hadid sisters or elegant pearl styles loved by the likes of Hailey Bieber with your jewellery? My Doris’ orange bead and pearl split necklace melds the two worlds together so you can do both.

    Handmade by artisans in India, it’s a versatile piece that goes with pretty much any outfit: swimwear and linen shirts by the beach, a colour boost to your neutral white tank and blue jeans or adding flare to your favourite tiered Ganni midi dress. It’s a match made in necklace heaven.

    Shop My Doris Orange Bead and Pearl Split Necklace at The Drop, £32

  • London Botanical Laboratories CBD Bakuchiol Face Set (Serum & Moisturiser)

    email3_London Botanical Laboratories CBD Serum_£29.99_
    The Drop: London Botanical Laboratories CBD Serum

    If you’re wary about using retinol, but hanker after smoother, more radiant-looking skin, let us introduce you to London Botanical Laboratories’ CBD and Bakuchiol serum and moisturiser set – available with an incredible 80% saving exclusive to The Drop.

    Both products contain CBD, known for its hydrating and anti-inflammatory properties, in tandem with the star player, bakuchiol – a natural alternative for retinol that works for sensitive skin. 

    Ready for use in your morning and nighttime skincare routine post-cleanse, simply massage two pumps of the serum into the skin and follow with the moisturiser to lock in all that goodness. Achieving the clear, bright and smooth skin of our dreams just got that much closer…

    Shop London Botanical Laboratories CBD Bakuchiol Face Set (Serum & Moisturiser) at The Drop, £29.99

  • Kim & Tonic Knackered T-shirt

    Kim & Tonic Knackered T-Shirts
    The Drop: Kim & Tonic Knackered T-shirts

    British fashion label Kim & Tonic has a way of articulating exactly how we feel with its catchy slogan pieces. First, its Just Quietly Smashing It T-shirt became a bestseller on The Drop, but now they’re back with a T-shirt boasting another very relatable feeling: being knackered.

    Made from 100% pre-shrunk cotton and available in two colourways – white and tan or grey and black – this comfy, breathable T-shirt is one you’ll want to wear with your favourite baggy jeans, slouchy linen trousers or summer-ready midi skirts. Now, whenever someone asks how you’re doing and you’re too tired to answer, simply point to your top and they’ll get the picture.

    Shop Kim & Tonic Knackered T-shirt at The Drop, £18

  • Bonita Luxury Boater

    Bonita Personalised Boater Hat
    The Drop: Bonita Personalised Boater Hat

    Summer holiday wardrobes scream joy: the linen shirts, comfy maxi dresses and oversized sunnies. But the accessory that’s most important as you relax beachside is, of course, a hat that leans into the oversized trend – ideal for reading, sleeping and people watching without being glaringly obvious. Here’s where Bonita’s monogrammed straw boater comes in.

    Equal parts stylish and practical for shielding from the sun, choose between either a cream or black coloured band to match with your black one-piece swimsuits or neutral outfits.

    Better still, you can monogram four characters on the front, whether it’s your name or initials. Thanks to the timeless style, this is a hat you’ll return to for years to come.

    Shop Bonita Luxury Boater at The Drop, £50

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