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Are you up to date with The Drop’s trending products? Here are some of our bestsellers across fashion, home and beauty from June and July.

Given payday is coming up, we thought you might want to see a selection of The Drop’s bestselling fashion, home and beauty buys from the past two months. Below, you’ll find eight products, including an embroidered T-shirt to wear once you’ve had your second jab and a serum that contains one of the skincare industry’s buzziest ingredients. The best part? They’re all under £50…

  • Mila & Eve Ava Crossbody Bag with Free Personalisation

    Mila & Eve Ava Cross Body
    The Drop: Mila & Eve Ava Cross Body

    If staying at home for the best part of a year prompted you to retire your luggage-sized handbags, Mila & Eve’s Ava crossbody is the ideal replacement. Made from Italian leather and available in classic tan, chic black and go-with-everything silver, it’s roomy enough for all your essentials but small enough to prevent you carrying too much.

    Shop Mila & Eve Ava crossbody bag with free personalisation, £40

  • Eclat Skin London EGF Youth-Cell Activation Pro-Elixir Serum

    Eclat EGF Youth-Cell Activation Pro-Elixir Serum
    The Drop: Eclat Skin London EGF Pro-Elixir Serum

     “EGFs have become a massive skincare trend in recent years, famed for their ability to speed up healing and the growth of new skin cells,” explains Stylist’s beauty director Shannon Peter. The buzzy ingredient has its roots in medicine and is a marvel at wound recovery – its healing properties have prompted it to skyrocket as a skin rejuvenator, helping to repair at a cellular level.

    Shop Eclat Skin London EGF youth-cell activation pro-elixir serum, £15.99

  • Sugarhill Brighton Alva Embroidered Top

    Sugarhill Boutique Alva Embroidered Top
    The Drop: Sugarhill Brighton Alva Embroidered Top

    Hitting the sweet spot between a relaxed T-shirt and a made-a-bit-of-an-effort blouse, this folk-inspired top feels a little bit ‘early 2000s Sienna Miller’ – in a good way. “Fashion’s love-in with the cottagecore trend shows no signs of waning, and this smock-style top from Sugarhill Brighton is proof,” says Stylist’s digital fashion writer Naomi May. 

    Shop Sugarhill Brighton Alva embroidered top, £45

  • Sleep Goddess Slumber Beauty Sleep Shower Mist

    Sleep Goddess Slumber Shower Sleep Mist
    The Drop: Sleep Goddess Slumber shower sleep mist

    If you’ve dreamt about turning your night-time showers into a spa-level relaxing experience, prepare to be metaphorically lullabied. Created by the brand’s insomniac founder Laurelle, simply place a few scoops of the essential oil-packed powder in the corner of your shower and let its soothing scent fill the steamy air. 

    Shop Sleep Goddess slumber beauty sleep shower mist, £13.99

  • The Big Silk 100% Pure Mulberry Silk Pillowcase

    The Big Silk 100% Pure Mulberry Silk Pillowcase
    The Drop: The Big Silk 100% Pure Mulberry Silk Pillowcase

    “In a past life, I was a silk pillowcase sceptic,” says Stylist staffer Moya Crockett. “But now, I’m a convert who’ll preach about their brilliance to anyone who’ll listen. It smooths down my thick, coarse hair overnight, leaving it so soft and sleek by morning that I often don’t bother with straighteners or serum. I always sleep on it ahead of days when I want to roll out of the door with minimal faff.”

    Shop The Big Silk 100% mulberry silk pillowcase, £44

  • Anouska Georgia Initial Baguette Ring

    Anouska Georgia Baguette Ring
    The Drop: Anouska Georgia Baguette Ring

    “Move over initial necklaces, it’s all about the initial ring,” declares Stylist’s fashion features editor Billie Bhatia. Available in gold or silver plate, the ring’s wrap-around band is easily adjustable, but best suited to medium or large finger sizes. Wear alone with a neutral manicure for luxe minimalism, or layer up with maximalist abandon.

    Shop Anouska Georgia initial baguette ring, £15

  • Kente Creatives Handheld Fan

    Kente Creatives Kente Fan
    The Drop: Kente Creatives Kente Fan

    In the UK, the joy of balmy weather is usually accompanied by a tinge of despair when you remember that public transport without air con is a thing. Want to be that person who makes everyone in the train carriage or bus jealous? Three words: get a fan.

    Shop Kente Creatives handheld fan, £12.99

  • Lisa Macario Fully Vaccinated T-Shirt

    Lisa Macario Fully Vaccinated T-shirt
    The Drop: Lisa Macario Fully Vaccinated T-shirt

    “Embroidered in Lisa’s handwriting in red on a classic white organic cotton tee, it’s the T-shirt that will earn you endless high-fives at the pub,” says The Drop’s editor Gemma Crisp. “I’ll be stocking up for all my friends and family and doling them out as and when they have their second appointment. After the past 18 months, a slogan T-shirt never looked better.”

    Shop Lisa Macario fully vaccinated T-shirt, £35

Images: courtesy of Eclat Skin London, Anouska Georgia, The Big Silk, Sugarhill Brighton, Lisa Macario, Sleep Goddess and Mila & Eve

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