The most impeccably dressed children of Instagram


When we were kids, we were lumped with wearing mismatched socks, luminous purple jelly sandals, and a very brown and holey hand-me-down jumper. And we'd sometimes even wear them altogether. Yes, we still have nightmares about it.

Sartorial traumas aside, recently we've realised that there are some kids who do get the chance to dress much better than we did during childhood. Some, in fact, are so cool, they've amassed numerous followers on Instagram, where their parents showcase their latest outfits. 

Here, we've rounded-up the best dressed kids on Instagram. Prepare to feel jealous.

  • @Luisafere

    Luisa Fere's son Alonso Mateo definitely holds the title as the leader of the most stylish kids on Instagram. His mother is a stylist, so it's no wonder he rocks up in some of the best clobber. Here he is waiting to go into the Stella McCartney show at this season's Paris Fashion Week.


  • @luisafere

    With Anna Wintour, natch.



  • @2yungkings

    These are the only twins in our round-up but never before have we seen matching dressing look actually cool. While you might look odd when you turn up to work dressed the same as your colleague (we've all done that, right?), here it looks like the best thing ever. Their account is run by their mum and they hail from the US.

  • @2yungkings

    They've even got matching Aviators!



  • @hails_world

    This little girl knows how to rock a cute dress but also go all tomboy with a pair of braces, jeans and shirt buttoned up to the top. We're taking style inspiration from this kid from now on. 

  • @hails_world

    We've NEVER dressed this well.


  • @deegstyle

    As with all of these accounts, it's always a parent who likes to take snaps of their little one and share their child's sense of style with the internet. Here, Gabe is the subject of his dad's Instagram feed, who snaps his son wearing a range of different outfits. 

  • @deegstyle

    We LOVE this denim jacket and grey t-shirt combo. 



  • @juliavonboehm

    The account run by stylist Julia Von Boehm, who has worked for the likes VogueHarper's Bazaar and Interview, is a look inside her world working with some of the biggest names in fashion, but also a look at her cute and impeccably dressed daughters.

  • @juliavonboehm

     From the looks of it Carine Roitfeld is godmother to her children too. Just think of all the clothes they'll get to wear when they're older!



  • @coltranecurtis

    Ellington, who features on his dad Coltrane Curtis' Instagram feed, rocks a number of different stylish outfits, and ALWAYS has the best trainers on. He's the ultimate street wear kid.

  • @coltranecurtis

    Those little sneakers! 



  • @briankeanu

    Little Brian Keanu's account is run by his mum. Little is known about why and how this little chap is so stylish but it's fair to say he has a great style, even when he's wearing a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles t-shirt.

  • @briankeanu

    This hat beats Pharrell's any day.



  • @yasminsewell

    Co-founder of London-based fashion label Être Cécile, Yasmin Sewell, easily falls into the category of one of the most stylish women in the world. Unsurprisingly, her son Knox is just as fashionable. 

  • @yasminsewell

    That face! 



  • @monicarosestyle

    Mother of Alaia Rose and Salvador Lukas, Monica Rose is a stylist who's worked for runway shows, glossy magazines and has dressed the likes of Kim Kardashian, Kendall Jenner and also Mindy Kaling. While she likes to showcase her work, she's also not shy about posting pictures of her adorable children, who are just as stylish as their mother. 

  • @monicarosestyle

    We saved the cutest till last.



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