This is the one piece of style advice Sarah Jessica Parker lives by

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Kitty McGee
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It’s been 20 years since Sarah Jessica Parker’s Sex and the City outfits inspired and divided a generation of women.

Sarah Jessica Parker is wearing a white silk lace pyjama suit with a mint green leather belt, heels and a visible black bra underneath. Is it Carrie Bradshaw looking back at me or the actor who has surprised, stunned and served some of fashion’s most iconic looks over the past two decades? 

Having played fashion’s most dedicated fan for the best part of six years, the lines are definitely blurred between the two. However, today we are definitely with SJP in Verona to celebrate her latest campaign for Intimissimi – black bra and all.  

“My style isn’t as bold as Carrie’s” she admits. But Sarah Jessica Parker and Carrie Bradshaw do share a fundamental sentiment on style that resonates now more than ever: “The Initimissimi campaign is all about be an individual. I don’t give out style advice, but if I could give any advice- especially to young women, it would be to just be yourself. I wish that everybody would feel the confidence to really be themselves. The greatest lesson is to not try so hard to look like everybody else.”

A sentiment that was echoed on the a/w 2018 catwalks too, where the major theme of the season was owning your own style. 

Designers moved away from strict trends and instead focussed on empowering women. There was an argument for overtly sexy looks as a way to take ownership of your style (and your body), and on the other hand there were designers who centred their collection on protection with an offering of oversized coats and a focus on modesty. Ultimately the a/w season and SJP championed the same the message: the choice is yours. 

 “I think it’s so important for us to be able to choose. Everybody is different, everybody’s figure is different and so people should do what they want. To have choice gives people control and that is empowering.”

Parker shuns the idea that women should wear clothes or make-up to face the world: “I don’t own any red lipstick and I don’t look to an outfit to make me feel powerful. You have to find that from an acceptance of yourself.”

She cites Meryl Streep and Goldie Hawn as women who have inspired her - not for being fashion icons but for being smart, strong women whose performances and career choices Parker has long admired.

You heard it here first: fashion is ready to welcome you just as you are. We think Carrie would approve. 

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