This new-season "it" bag will cost you less than your daily Pret spend

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Billie Bhatia

This humble household item is the new ‘it’ bag…

Ever dreamed of living in a world where buying an ‘it’ bag also meant you could pay your rent and not survive off a diet of reduced Itsu for the rest of the month? Well, the string shopping bags that your parents used to pack with groceries (and you occasionally used to transport dirty sports kit to and from school) is the latest must-have item. 

No, this is not a drill: it is, as fashion likes to say, ‘a thing’.

Don’t believe us? Here are some of our favourite women giving us good (read: great) string shopping bag inspiration…

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Tempted to try the trend for yourself? Here are the good-for-your-bank-balance bags you can shop right now:


Turtle Bags String Bag, £5, Arket

Conran Shop 

Matisse blue cotton string bag, £12, Conran Shop

Not On The Highstreet 

String shopping bag, £6.50,

Urban Outfitters 

String shopper tote bag, £12, Urban Outfitters 


Benny string shopper bag, £22, Topshop

Rock n Rose 

Savannah string shopping bag, £14, Rock n Rose

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