The tights you need in your life for when it gets *really* cold

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Anna Pollitt

Love them or loathe them, at this time of year tights are usually better than the alternative of freezing stems. And it doesn’t have to be all about heavy duty, functional 80 deniers.

The right pair can finish off an outfit to perfection – think sheer pinspot with an LBD and metallic ankle boots, a soft grey cashmere pair teamed with a black leather skirt and a long coat, Harry Potter tights with, er, everything?

Here’s a selection of desirable hosiery to get you through all eventualities this winter, from bold animal print to wide-net fishnets (Okay, the nets are barely an improvement on bare legs, but every bit of material helps, right?)

  • Pinspot Pins

    As suckers for an ‘80s fashion comeback, we’re all about dotty tights. Try them with ankle boots and black wide-leg trousers.

    (£6, Accessorize)

  • Sheer Glitter

    Add some oomph to an LBD with Topshop’s subtly shimmering green glitter tights.

    (£7, Topshop)

  • Animal Print

    Give winter outfits a striking animal print update.

    (£6, New Look)

  • Lace and Swarovski Crystal

    Tap into the lace trend with some help from superstar hosiery makers Wolford.

    (£70, House of Fraser)

  • Wide Net

    These fishnets with an edge may not offer much in the way of material, but the style points you’ll earn more than make up for the chill.

    (£6, Topshop)

  • Gold Splatter

    You like your black tights far too much to brave a jazzy style but want to nod to the party season – Pretty Polly has got you.

    (£20, Pretty Polly)

  • Seamless Sheers

    New kids on the tights block Heist claim to have revolutionised the product by using 5,000 spirals of elastine to your average pair’s 500 to 1,000 spirals – making them super-comfy and non-saggy. It also claims to banish that grim waistband mark you get at the end of a day’s wear from most tights through specially constructed sportswear technology.

    (£19 for low waist, £21 for high waist, Heist)

  • Cherry Chevron

    Mix it up with this sheer and opaque geometric pattern in plush burgundy.

    (£16.10, Girardi)

  • Harry Potter

    A must for die-hard fans of the boy wizard, these Tights Shop creations come printed with text and symbols from the famous franchise. Amazingly, Mary Poppins, Alice in Wonderland and Anne of Green Gables designs are also available.

    (£20.75, Etsy)

  • Cosy Cashmere

    Why confine the luxe material to jumpers and scarves?

    (£41.99. UK Tights)

  • Kitten Knees

    In our opinion, the only real reason to ever wear skin colour tights are:

    1. You’re Kate Middleton
    2. You can use them as temporary tattoos

    (£10, Urban Outfitters)


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