Top 20 fashion trends of 2012

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On the surface, 2012 was a bit of a mixed bag when it came to fashion trends. Whereas in previous years it was all about, say prints or a ladylike silhouette, this year we were influenced by everything from sportswear to superheroes (the two concepts finding common ground at the London Olympics - go Team GB!), Pilgrims to pyjamas. However, there were some stand-out pieces that no wardrobe was complete without. Here, we chart the top 20 fashion trends of 2012...

  • Fashion trends of 2012: Wedge Trainers

    We can blame or commend this year's most influential designer, Isabel Marant, for the return of the wedge trainer. A bit of a slow-burner in the style stakes (some would prefer to put them in a slow burner!), the look reached its peak this summer and is still going strong.

    Image source: Ash

  • Fashion trends of 2012: Buttoned-Up Shirts

    We pulled both smart and casual outfits together by using all the buttons on our shirts. Pilgrim-chic if you will.

    Image source: ASOS

  • Fashion trends of 2012: Statement Necklaces

    No buttoned-up shirt or blouse was complete in 2012 without a statement-making necklace sitting glamorously around the collar.

    Image source:

  • Fashion trends of 2012: Collars

    And if our tops came sans collar - we simply added one of our choosing!

    Image source: Topshop

  • Fashion trends of 2012: Jumpers

    Although jumpers have always been a staple part of our wardrobes, we really started buying them in earnest this year (we hope the sheep forgive us). Statement knits were deemed a must-have whether at work or at a cocktail party, and we have to admit they came in pretty handy during all that rotten weather.

    Image source: ASOS

  • Fashion trends of 2012: Leather Pencil Skirts

    A hangover from autumn/winter 2011's S&M look, we really couldn't get enough of leather this year. Leather pencil skirts were ideal for work with aforementioned Pilgrim-chic shirts...

    Image source: Mango

  • Fashion trends of 2012: Leather Trousers

    While edgy leather trousers did us proud this autumn when we'd had enough of our old-faithful skinny jeans.

    Image source: Topshop

  • Fashion trends of 2012: Leather Sleeves

    We even put aside questions of underarm hygiene and embraced the leather sleeve! Well, it did look great with all the wool we were wearing (again, apologies to the sheep).

    Image source: Sandro

  • Fashion trends of 2012: Slippers

    Summer 2012 saw slippers become the new flat shoe of choice, replacing the usual go-to loafer/brogue/ballet pump.

    Image source:

  • Fashion trends of 2012: Black Ankle Booties

    Meanwhile, no wardrobe was complete without a pair of wear-anywhere black ankle booties. The rubbish weather made them almost a necessity, and Topshop sold theirs in droves.

    Image source: Topshop

  • Fashion trends of 2012: Peplums

    From A-listers to street-style starlets, peplum was the design detail that everybody loved and wore this year. Feminine without being overly girly, the look graced tops, skirts and dresses and added a touch of statement style to each.

    Image source: Warehouse

  • Fashion trends of 2012: Comic Book Prints

    Pow! Zap! Blam! Zonk! The comic book trend came almost out of nowhere, spurred on by a summer of superhero blockbusters, but once it hit we all wanted a piece of the action.

    Image source:

  • Fashion trends of 2012: Pleated Skirts

    Swishy, pleated skirts in pretty pastel colours - such as Whistles' bestselling Carrie style - gave us a new take on femininity.

    Image source: ASOS

  • Fashion trends of 2012: Spike Details

    In contrast, we got our edgy fix by putting spike details on everything from shirts to shoes.

    Image source: Kurt Geiger

  • Fashion trends of 2012: High/Low Dresses

    At first we didn't know what to make of the high/low trend - some even called it the 'mullet dress' in an attempt to make it go away. But this tenacious look found fans among leggy celebrities such as Blake Lively, and in the end, realising that the high/low contrast could literally be just that - boho or glam, we grew to love it too.

    Image source: Miss Selfridge

  • Fashion trends of 2012: Hi-Top Trainers

    Wearing sporty hi-top trainers felt so right in an Olympic-themed year.

    Image source: Office

  • Fashion trends of 2012: Dr Martens

    While 90s grunge found its way onto the feet of those too young to have lived through it the first time in the form of DMs.

    Image source: Dr Martens

  • Fashion trends of 2012: Pyjama Blouses

    We hated the head-to-toe pyjama look, but a lovely silky blouse with an intricate pattern - that we could get on board with.

    Image source: ASOS

  • Fashion trends of 2012: Opulent Trousers

    Equally, printed trousers - the more opulent the better - proved a big hit.

    Image source: J. Crew

  • Fashion trends of 2012: Chandelier Earrings

    And party season in 2012 just wasn't party season without a pair of head-turning chandelier earrings. Joan Collins, your work here is done.

    Image source: