This is how to get a refund for those faded Topshop Joni jeans

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We’ve all experienced the sharp sting of disappointment when an item of clothing – one which we’ve spent our hard-earned cash on – gives up the ghost well before it’s meant to.

And for some high street shoppers, this is a feeling they know only too well after identifying a possible design fault in some pairs of Topshop’s Joni jeans.

The Joni is a high-waisted, skin-tight design that has long been a high street favourite as well as a continuous bestseller and ‘trending’ piece for the store.

However, some social media users have noticed issues with their jeans, with common problems including ripping, sagging and fading. 

Topshop customers have been taking to Twitter to share their frustration with their Joni purchases, complaining that the style of jean is “expensive but fades so easily”.

One Twitter user criticised the fading colour of the Joni jean writing, “Love hate relationship with Topshop jeans. Look so good, fade so bad”.

While another wrote, “Why do Topshop jeans have to be expensive but fade so easily”.

But if you thought all that complaining was going to waste, you were wrong. The Topshop gods have listened to our prayers, and the store has confirmed you can get a refund if your Jonis happen to fade or rip.

The Tab reports that a Topshop representative has confirmed the Joni return policy. They have also set out some important guidelines for securing a hassle-free return.

Only jet black Joni Jeans can be returned for fading

Jonis come in a plethora of colours, but if you want to take yours back because they’ve faded within three months they’ll have to be the jet black version. According to The Tab, this is the only colourway that Topshop are accepting fade responsibility for, which sadly means that washed black pair in your wardrobe will be staying put.

If your Joni Jeans ripped knee widens you can take them back

That’s right, even if you specifically bought a pair of jeans with rips in them, you can still take them back if they look like they’ve continued to rip. The catch is the tearing must have happened horizontally not vertically.

Rips along the seam are also a cause for a refund

The Joni jean has been accused of being a consistent culprit of tearing open along the seams. Apparently, this is classed as a manufacturing fault and a green light for a refund.

You need to have your receipt

Remember, if you want to return your jeans for reasonable wear and tear you’ll have to do so within 28 days, with a receipt and the payment card you used – or the best you’ll get is an exchange.

Now we’re just off to pick apart our floordrobes in search of those elusive Topshop receipts...

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