The most beautiful walk-in wardrobes and closets to give you storage inspiration

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The walk-in wardrobe is a luxury, there is no denying that fact. But with the average woman in the UK owning 21 pairs of shoes, it's easy to see how much we've come to value our sartorial storage spaces.

While some might have a grand spare room for their closet overspill, others might have to do with just a rack. With that in mind, we've rounded up the most beautiful walk-in wardrobes and closets and assessed how the organisation and storage rules can be applied to our own (tiny) wardrobes.

From the shoe-lover's guide on stacking heels to how to create the ultimate monochrome wardrobe, take a look at these amazing spaces and use some of their inventive techniques to instil some order in your own wardrobe, no matter the size. 

  • The boxed up wardrobe

    Like a carefully arranged shop floor, this closet is one which is tidied away. Ideal for those who like having things in their proper place/ has a box fetish. These ones from Muji are ideal.


  • The wardrobe with floor-to-ceiling mirror

    While some prefer to keep mirrors to a minimum in their houses (yes, those people do really exist), in a closet you really need to see yourself from all angles. This floor length mirror will not only help you check your outfit, it will also give the room a much bigger feel.


  • A chic white closet

    Great lighting in your wardrobe is key. How else will you decide on what to wear for the day? IKEA have many different LED options for helping you light your clothes.


  • The boho closet

    Here is someone who is probably a little creative and likes things to be a bit more flowing in their wardrobe and likes a few vintage furniture pieces in there too. Our favourite online shop The Peanut Vendor is one of the best places to source such items.


  • The colour-coordinated wardrobe

    If you're a fan of bright colours but want to keep them neat and tidy, then this is the perfect way to organise your space. We love how this blog makes it easy to coordinate your wardrobe (it's actually much harder than you think!)


  • The glamorous wardrobe

    As you can see, chandeliers are a pretty important accessory when it comes to closet space. We absolutely love this one from Marks and Spencer.


  • The in-the-eves wardrobe

    When you don't have much space, it's easy to think you can't fit everything in. However, fear not, there is help at hand such as this piece from on creative storage and space solutions.


  • The Shoe Wardrobe

    Surprisingly, this closet doesn't actually belong to Carrie Bradshaw. That was this wardrobe. If you do find yourself with a fair amount of footwear, then we suggest you stack them like this. This blog really helps with organising them and taking steps on how to arrange them properly, and which ones you really should have thrown out already.


  • A storage filled walk-in wardrobe

    While plastic hangers might be easier on the pocket, the truth is that wooden hangers keep your clothes looking nicer and don't leave dents and creases on them as plastic ones do.


  • The one-rack wardrobe

    OK, so this isn't strictly a walk-in wardrobe, it's more of just a rack. If you don't need too much space then great, but let's be honest, most of us need a bit more room than that. Here's a guide on how to reduce your wardrobe.


  • The monochrome lover's dream closet

    At Stylist, we're massive fans of sticking to a couple of colours in your wardrobe. It saves time in the mornings, means all your outfits match and did we mention it saves you time in the mornings? This means more sleep. Here, associate editor Alix Walker gives her advice on how to create the ultimate wardrobe


  • The adventurer's closet

    While it might be a little busier, some really enjoy showing off all their garments. This wardrobe is ideal for such a task, plus the added trunks give it a real edge - as if at any moment you'll have to grab your passport and head off to somewhere exotic. If you fancy getting something similar, take a look at these metal trunks.


  • The Marie Antoinette Wardrobe

    Velvet is the ideal fabric to turn anyone's ordinary wardrobe into a sumptuous boudoir. This ottoman from Oliver Bonas is just on the right side of vintage to create a similar look. The dog is optional though.


  • The multi-purpose closet

    While most probably like to use their walk-in for dressing and hanging clothes, you can also make it into an area for some alone time too; when you want to read or get some work done. This desk from is perfect for catching up on your correspondence. It almost makes us want to start letter writing again. 


  • The bedroom closet

    If you don't have a walk-in then this bedroom idea is the one to copy, if you have a lot of clothes and don't mind displaying them. All you need is a decent clothes rail.


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