Welded jewellery: where to get in London 2021 and what is it?

Welded jewellery: this simple style of permanent jewellery is trending on TikTok, but what makes it so special?

Welded jewellery may well be the solution to forgetful fashionistas’ struggles with losing their bling. But what exactly is it? 

In 2014, an Italian brand named Atelier VM launched a concept known as welded jewellery or, to you and me, permanent jewellery; specifically, a piece that’s secured by a trained specialist using a simple welding method.

The virtues of the style are that welded pieces cannot be removed (and, in turn, lost or forgotten) and they cannot fall off (as they’re cut precisely to fit the shape of your chosen body part). In short, welded jewellery is taking the world of fashion by storm thanks to its quick and convenient way of blinging up a body part with minimal hassle.  

Welded jewellery: where to get in London 2021 and what is it?
Atelier VM is leading the UK charge with its welded jewellery offering.

It’s no wonder, then, that the tag for welded jewellery on TikTok has amassed more than 3 billion views worldwide as people clamour to get a piece of the blingy action. 

“We want our stores to feel like playgrounds for jewellery lovers, so welding was an opportunity to take this to the next level,” says Astrid & Miyu’s founder, Connie Nam. “Since it launched, our welding service has steadily grown in popularity and this year has had a huge surge in Gen Z customers thanks to TikTok.”

Indeed, in the seven years since Atelier VM first established the method, all manner of brands, including Astrid & Miyu, have launched their own take on welded jewellery, proving that permanent, forever bling may well be the future.

What does the process of welding jewellery entail?     

Put plainly, it is gold and silver jewellery that is securely fastened onto the body (whether it be the neck, wrist or ankle). It’s one continuous chain without a clasp, meaning the only way it can be removed is for the chain to be cut.

The process of welding jewellery also produces less waste than traditional jewellery-making does, as the chain is measured precisely to your measurements before it’s cut.

Why is welded jewellery suddenly so popular? 

TikTok user @prezleyparker first posted a video of her going to get a simple welded bracelet at New York City jeweller Catbird in July 2021. In the four months since, the step-by-step video has amassed more than 1.6 million likes, with everybody from Meghan Markle to Kylie Jenner jumping on the trend and sporting permanent jewellery

Where can you get welded jewellery in the UK?

Atelier VM’s Liberty London counter offers welded 18-carat gold jewellery, which can be in the form of either a necklace, bracelet or anklet. Astrid & Miyu offers 9-carat welded bracelets, in either yellow or white gold, which you can book for at the brand’s London or Manchester stores, while Covent Garden-based store The Alkemistry (which stocks exclusively women-owned brands) also offers welded jewellery as part of its Hive collection. You can opt for either a bracelet, anklet, ring or necklace.

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Images: courtesy of Atelier VM.