5 items of clothing that make us happy right now

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From coloured joggers to crisp cotton tees, these are the clothes the Stylist team are finding happiness in at the moment…

Whatever you decide to wear in the morning, chances are your fashion choices are led mostly by emotion at the moment.

Whether you feel like you need something so comfy it feels like an all encompassing hug or whether you need to get into a work mindset and are looking for something fresh and crisp, clothes have the power to shift your mood - particularly when WFH is starting to feel monotonous.

In short, they’re probably one of the few things making the days feel different at the moment and that is a great thing.

So, to give you more sources for finding pieces that bring you joy, here are the five items the Stylist team find uplifting every time they slip into them.

Jazmin Kopotsha, Deputy Editor Digital 

“I love a well-fitting A-line midi dress. It’s very specific, I know, but I have good reason.

Being able to throw on one item of clothing makes the whole ‘getting dressed when I don’t want to get dressed’ thing much easier.

If that dress also happens to come in at the waist and beautifully straddle the line between smart and casual (yes, even if it’s just to go for a walk on my own) I automatically feel a bit more like me; a bit more like there’s a bit of intention to my day and my look - with minimum effort involved.”

Gemma Crisp, Email Content Director 

“I’ve always loved colour, but since lockdown I’ve found myself wearing all-black, day in, day out - which is unheard of in my world (my boss almost choked when I told her).

So, to make life feel a little more normal, I’m determined to bring some colour-blocking back to my WFH outfit choices - the brighter, the better.”

Polly Knight, Fashion Editor 

“A chunky oversize knit has been my WFH go to, slightly more put together than a sweater/hoodie for all those Zoom calls, big enough to throw over any dress/jeans or shirt when an extra layer is needed to warm me up (I’ve been pretty cold sitting still at my makeshift desk).

There’s definitely something quite comforting in wearing a huge knit, staying warm cosy and safe in such uncertain times, it’s a bit of a safety blanket I guess - a subliminal hug.

I’m into a more classic colour palette (more buy now, love forever), but I can definitely see myself leaning towards more joyful spring colours now the sun has come out and we need something to lift our moods.”

Felicity Thistlethwaite, Executive Editor Digital 

“For me it’s brightly-coloured, nicely-ironed t-shirts.

I want to say right now: I rarely iron anything.

But there’s something about a freshly-washed, organic cotton ironed t-shirt in a bright colour that’s just making life that little bit more wonderful right now.

My collection started with an apricot yellow t-shirt, and now includes a baby pink version with a logo on, a plain mint green tee and, as of this week, an azure blue t-shirt too.”

Lucy Robson, SEO Executive 

“As someone who almost always wears black I have found myself delighting in donning various pairs of brightly coloured joggers around the house – my favourite pair this week are lemon yellow but I also have some lilac ones.

They’re comfy but joyful and look much more intentional than your Sunday regulars.”

Whatever your WFH vibe, find the perfect outfit to bring you joy at Reserved. Shop the range now.