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What to wear to a job interview: the Stylist guide to dressing for success

Not sure what to wear for that big job interview? Whether it’s for a creative role, a formal corporate position or a casual chat, here are nine outfits to make the best impression. 

Whether you’ve landed an interview for your dream role or you’re making a career change, how you present yourself is crucial to making the best first impression on your prospective employer. Even if you’re interviewing for a promotion rather than changing companies, the right interview outfit is key to boosting your confidence because ultimately you want to feel like the best version of yourself.. 

You wouldn’t copy and paste the same CV into every job application, and similarly tailoring your outfit to the role is key to nailing interview dressing. While a round of interviews in a corporate setting might call for sharp, classic suiting, a creative role allows for a more freedom in your choice of clothing. Then there’s the sartorial minefield of a casual interview over a coffee, it’s relaxed but you still want to assert that you are serious about the position.

 If you’re wondering what to wear to a job interview, don’t panic. We’ve found nine flawless outfits to work for three different interview scenarios. 

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Like you would read over your CV or practice your pitch, wear your outfit at home first to get used to the fit and to make sure you feel comfortable and confident in it. From a practical point of view consider your materials. A silk alternative to a cotton shirt will ensure you arrive crease free and breathable trouser fabrics means you won’t overheat in a stuffy meeting room.

 With your interview outfit sorted, your mind is clear to focus to staying calm, practicing the key points you want to hit and letting your skills and experience shine through. 

The Corporate Suit 

When it comes to corporate interviews, the rules are clear - a smart jacket and trouser suit paired with a blouse or crisp shirting are essential.  Selecting the right suit is key to boosting your confidence and getting yourself in the mindset for success, so don’t dig out the old suit that’s hidden at the back of your wardrobe, instead, invest in the chic tailored separates that leave you feeling ready to conquer the room.

  • The Kooples

    Opt for a classic approach to interview dressing with a black blazer and tailored trousers. This structured wool jacket feels appropriately formal, especially when fastened over a white shirt. Show a touch of personality by adding a colourful pocket square to the breast pocket. 

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The Creative Interview

Dressing for a creative role in a start-up or media setting can be an exhausting prospect. How do you showcase your personality while still looking appropriately professional? The solution? A fashion-forward suit. Stick to the classic two-piece suit formula and then experiment with colour and cut, keep things chic with a camel suit or go all-out with a brightly coloured suit that will make you stand out from the other candidates, for all the right reasons. 

Bonus: these bold designs are pieces you’ll love to wear long after you’ve accepted the job offer. 

The informal interview 

Putting candidates at ease is key to getting their best which is why more and more employers are going for a more informal approach to interviews. A relaxed interview over a coffee may sound more appealing than a The Apprentice style boardroom review, but what exactly does when wear to look suitably casual but still serious about the role? 

Suiting is too formal, instead look for cool separates that hit the sweet spot between laidback and chic. A structured shirt feels informal in a vibrant shade of green while an exaggerated lace trim adds interest to a classic white shirt. Throw a pair of fitted vegan leather trousers into the mix and there you have the perfect professional outfit that doesn’t look out of place in a relaxed startup setting. 

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