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Finding amazing vintage can sometimes seem like a magic trick rather than a skill. While there are plenty of resources out there to help differentiate your retro-inspired item from the real deal, it can all still be rather confusing, if not a little intimidating to shop for vintage clothing.

This is precisely why shopping for vintage online has become so overwhelmingly popular. No need to trek from place to place,you can search for that perfect 1950s prom dress or vintage leather satchel bag from the comfort of your sofa whilst sipping a glass of wine. As there are so many vintage shops online, we’ve scoured the web to help find the best of the best - those with the best stock, the most descriptive measurements, and with the most information on where or when your garment is from.

Click on an item below to open the gallery of the best online vintage shops Have a favourite that we’ve missed? Let us know where you go online for vintage finds in the comments below.

  • ASOS Marketplace

    ASOS Marketplace is a brilliant new platform from ASOS where boutiques, vintage collectors, individuals and designers can have digital boutiques where they can sell their wares. The ASOS Marketplace calls itself "the people's runway" as all the clothes in the ASOS Marketplace are photographed outdoors, street style, modelled by real people.

    The ASOS Marketplace has the finesse and familiarity of shopping online with ASOS, but is stocked full of vintage from designers like Madam Popoff, who sells colourful kaftans and vintage sunglasses, and Susan Caplan who stocks all the vintage jewellery you'll ever need.

  • Beyond Retro

    Beyond Retro have a massive stock of hand-picked vintage clothing and accessories for both men and women. Their first shop was in a old, disused dairy in East London, but they've grown so much over the years they now have shops in London, Brighton, and even across Sweden.

    If you like your vintage with a touch of vibrant rock 'n roll, Beyond Retro is the shop for you.

  • Love Miss Daisy

    Love Miss Daisy launched in September 2008, and is passionate about the recycling aspect of vintage with a strict attention to detail. Love Miss Daisy take great care in making sure their measurements are accurate, that their items are displayed clearly and correctly, but most importantly, that they stock only the most fabulous and high quality vintage they can find.

    Independent and glamorous, with plenty of on-trend dresses from the '70s, Love Miss Daisy is definitely worth a visit.

  • The Stellar Boutique

    Stella McClure started The Stellar Boutique as an outlet to showcase designers and artists from around the world - and what a collection she's curated. Stella has an impressive list of fashion credentials under her belt, as she's desgined for Topshop as well as styling for the BBC and working for Levi's, and her shop is fantastic cumulation of all of her experience and expertise.

    The Stellar Boutqiue is stocked full of trendy '70s items, and even items for your home, like this kitschy 1950s cake stand.

  • My Sugarland

    My Sugarland was created by stylist Zoe Lem as the answer to various clothing and fashion problems raised by her clients. Zoe has stocked My Sugarland using her unique sense of style, and describes it as a "pot pourri of labels from across the globe". My Sugarland stocks modern and current styles in addition to vintage, but it's the vintage items that really give the shop that special something.

    From Victorian beaded skirts to 1940s dresses from Harrods, My Sugarland's online shop is vintage heaven.

  • Natasha Bailie Vintage Clothing Company

    Natasha Bailie, a self-described "dedicated vintage-devotee" started her own vintage clothing company after being disappointed by the high street's vintage offerings. Hand-picking items from fairs, antique stores and private collections, Natasha's vintage wares are gorgeous, to say the least.

    Each item on Natasha's website has multiple photos, including this original 'Henry Rosenfeld' vintage prom dress, a hefty description and accurate measurements. Plus, as a vintage lover herself, Natasha knows what even the most keen vintage expert is looking for.

  • Vintage Seekers

    Vintage Seekers is a premium online shop selling 20th Century design, fashion and collectibles. They describe their approach to vintage as "academic" and only sell things that are older than 25 years, but no older than 100. Passionate about craftsmanship, style and the innovation of past eras, Vintage Seekers is a brilliant website, in addition to being a brilliant shop.

    From the ever-popular prom dresses to vintage collectables, Vintage Seekers will thrill any vintage enthusiast.

  • Janne's Vintage

    Janne's Vintage is an independent vintage shop that believes vintage is the perfect fashion solution trough this global recession. As Janne says, wearing vintage means you can always look fabulous without anyone knowing how much and where an item came from.

    Janne's vintage stocks vintage jewellery and accessories as well as clothing. Each item is given a detailed description and (depending on the garment) photographed from different angles.

  • Rokit

    Rokit began in London in 1986 as a market stall in Camden, and now has four stores in London. Rokit's vintage stock is unique as it's all rather quirky, fun and eccentric, from roller skates and denim hot pants to pop art and sofa cushions.

  • My Favorite Vintage

    My Favorite Vintage's Etsy shop is run by the 60-year-old retired clothing maker, who is also the mother of fellow vintage seller Santo Ki Vintage. The diverse collection of items in My Favorite Vintage, as well as the detailed photography, easily have made this one of the best vintage shops on Etsy, an online platform for independent crafters and designers to sell their creations.

    The dresses, like this vintage silk cotton dress, are surprisingly affordable, ranging from around £50 to £112.

    Photo Credit: Vintage Seekers, Beyond Retro, ASOS Marketplace, Love Miss Daisy, Rokit, My Sugarland, Jannes Vintage, The Stellar Boutqiue, My Favorite Vintage.