Why you need the new glittery Converse kicks in your winter wardrobe

Harriet Hall, 28, is the head of digital features at Stylist. Her job involves everything from writing and presenting to interviewing and shooting videos, so she spends a lot of time on her feet. Now that the festive season is here, Harriet has updated her wardrobe to include a brilliant pair of kicks from the new Converse x JW Anderson Glitter_Gutter collection. Here, she tells us how she styles them into her working wardrobe and why she might never take them off…

“It might sound trite, but there really is no typical day at work for me. That can be both a blessing and a curse (last-minute events galore!), but whichever way it goes, I need to make sure that I’m comfortable. This means I practically live in trainers – you can forget a high heel. I have about five pairs of high-top Converse in my wardrobe, including the classic black and white shades, and I always wear them with the laces wrapped around my ankle to add a bit of a personal twist. 

My job at Stylist involves interviewing politicians one day and celebrities the next, presenting videos then sprinting off to press events. This means my clothes need to accommodate that. My personal style is an eclectic mix that can include anything from punk to sportswear. I have to be presentable and smart for work, but I don’t like looking too put-together – I always need a little something to take the sartorial edge off, such as a statement hat, a big pair of boots or some classic trainers. 

I studied fashion history, so I always like to wear something with a past, clothes that tell a story. I’m lucky that I can wear whatever I want in my job, so it enables me to really have fun with my style. I live for a feminist slogan tee and a pair of raw-hem jeans. 

Getting dressed is often my favourite part of the day, seeing which different combination of eras I can throw together to create something new. It’s like a fashion supermarket sweep, with clothes flying everywhere. My flat is quite small (aren’t they all?) and it’s usually covered in clothes by the time I leave for work. I’d love to say I plan my outfits the night before, but I’m more of a see-what-mood-strikes sartorial type.

I can’t wear anything too busy, loud or white when I’m on camera, so I opt for simple shapes and colours, with a pop of lipstick and a statement shoe. This is why the glittery Converse x JW Anderson high-tops are perfect for me – I can make them work with everything as they speak for themselves. Glitter has exploded as a trend this year – a welcome antidote to the doom and gloom of recent political events. From sparkling clothes to glistening cappuccinos and star-spangled cupcakes, we just can’t seem to get enough of the stuff. And it was all over the catwalk, too: on Tom Ford’s disco knickers and Molly Goddard’s dresses. Even ethereal Simone Rocha opted for a bit of sparkled embellishment.

As the darling of the British fashion scene, JW Anderson is the perfect designer to take the glittery helm and collaborate with Converse. His sequin dresses on the ss/18 catwalks set the tone for these kicks that are not only perfect for the festive season, but will continue to be stylish when those January blues kick in. The trend is set to be even bigger for 2018 – and what’s more timeless than Converse?

I love that they go with everything, from brightening up a casual day look, to injecting an evening ensemble with that little bit of cool, adding pizzazz to any outfit. After spending an age trying to decide which colourway I liked most, I think I’ll struggle to ever take these off…”

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