“I’m a fashion editor who usually works from home, this is what I wear Monday to Friday”

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Freelance fashion editor Harriet Davey has worked from home for two years, these are the outfit combinations worn on repeat. 

It’s taken a while for me to get used to working from home. I’ve been a freelance fashion editor for the last two years, and when I’m not booked into offices I spend a lot of time working from my kitchen table. I have to admit, I’ve gone through mixed emotions. At first I loved setting my alarm to a slightly later time, thanks to my new ‘commute’ to the kitchen being much shorter than my previous trek on the Victoria Line (I still love this). Then I learned to enjoy spending all day in my PJs. I quickly realised getting up, dressed and out of your pyjamas is actually the first step to success. It makes me feel like I’m going to work, gives structure to my day and I enjoy getting dressed up, so why give it up? 

Choosing my WFH outfits is something I think about, and, although my co-workers (my fridge and Holly and Phil at 10am) won’t judge me, I still find enjoyment in dressing how I usually would if I were in an office. This being said, of course some days I get showered just to put on joggers and a T-shirt. But I try to make an effort to feel a sense of normality.

In the current climate more people than ever are working from home, so I wanted to give those who are new to it inspiration with my usual Monday-to-Friday outfits for my 9(ish) to 5(ish) on-duty days.

The good news is, you’re likely to already own a handful of these hard-working items in your wardrobe. (Note: they’re usually all accessorised with tea, snacks and a messy bun by the time it hits lunchtime.)

Monday – bright dress

Faithfull The Brand dress
Harriet Davey wearing Faithfull The Brand dress

Let’s face it, that Monday feeling of being back at work is inevitable after the weekend, no matter where your desk is for the day. To get past this I usually wear an outfit that makes me feel confident and happy – bold, bright dresses do the trick.

Monday is often the day I make most effort and it’s normally the only one where I’m not wearing trousers. My Faithfull The Brand dress takes me back to my ‘happy place’ that I put on Instagram from my holiday in Barbados back in January. I may not be on a beach with a rum cocktail in hand, but it’ll make my trip to the costa del kitchen look a whole lot brighter.

Tuesday – Breton T-shirt

Harriet Davey wearing Breton t-shirt and cream jeans
Harriet Davey wearing Breton t-shirt and cream jeans

I know everyone judges those who choose to work from home in jeans, but trust me, you’ll be back in them after a couple of weeks. They’re an essential when it comes to easy throw-on-anytime outfits. I’m not a huge fan of pure white jeans (mainly because I can’t be trusted with my multiple teas) so for spring/summer, I’ve opted for an ecru creamy pair. These ones are from Asos and have sold out but Weekday have the best organic cotton iterations that fit really well. 

Throwing them on with a Breton T-shirt is a simple work outfit you can wear on repeat. I’m obsessed with any shade of green at the moment so this sage striped number is the spring update my jeans needs. And it’s only £15, win-win. 

Tip: adding on your everyday jewellery, a nice pair of shoes or a slick of bright lipstick will lift any look with minimal effort needed. 

Wednesday – blazer

Harriet Davey wearing leather trousers and blazer
Harriet Davey wearing leather trousers and blazer

I know what you’re thinking… leather trousers for sitting at home, really? I got this faux leather pair in the Mango sale at the end of last year and I’ve worn them weekly ever since. The loose fit makes them comfortable and adding a blazer will not only make you look like you’ve made an effort for Zoom meetings, it’ll also help to switch on work mode. 

I got this grey blazer from Bershka a few years ago but there’s now an oversized style from Arket that’s so damn good (below). I’ve worn it with my new Kurt Geiger sandals that come with detachable ankle, because well, now is as good a time as any.

Thursday – boilersuit 

Harriet Davey wearing The Finery boilersuit
Harriet Davey wearing The Finery boilersuit

I know, I know, more denim. This time it’s the form of a boilersuit that I got from Finery London. Unfortunately, this one has sold out in burgundy and black but there’s a similar style at Zara. What I love about it is how easy it is to wear. Step into it, add on your usual jewels and you’re ready to go. By go, I mean sit back at the kitchen table, of course. 

I’ll be bare feet for as long as my pedi lasts, but a boilersuit also looks so good with anything from trainers and ankle boots to sliders for summer. 

  • Zara

    Zara denim boilersuit
    Zara denim boilersuit

    This jumpsuit is part of Zara’s ‘Join Life’ collection focusing using more sustainable materials – extra feel-good factor right there. 

    Shop Zara premium jumpsuit, £59.99

  • Missoma

    Missoma earrings
    Missoma earrings

    I’m all for hoop earrings but instead of the skinny styles I love all the chunky, detailed pairs. Missoma, Daisy Jewellery and Mango are usually my go-to.

    Shop Missoma gold baya hoops, £98

Friday – joggers

Harriet Davey wearing joggers and racer vest
Harriet Davey wearing joggers and racer vest

By the time it’s Friday I’m ready for full on comfort. Joggers and a racer vest top is my usual uniform. 

I wouldn’t usually this to an office but when your home is your office, there are no rules. These sleek trousers are French Connection and I have never felt softer trousers. A hair srunchie on the wrist isn’t for throwback effect, tying up your hair in a scruffy bun mid morning is another joy of having no co-workers. Embrace the basics, these beauties will see you through many off-duty WFH days. 

  • Topshop

    Topshop racer vest
    Topshop racer vest

    You’ll have to opt for a strapless bra (or braless for ultimate wfh style) but these backwards racer vests are so easy to wear with joggers, shorts or under a sleek suit if you’re feeling fancy. 

    Shop Topshop white racer vest, £7

  • French Connection

    French Connection joggers
    French Connection joggers

    The softest, most comfortable joggers that also look chic. I would like to personally thank French Connection for creating these winners. 

    Shop French Connection Renya jersey joggers, £70

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