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This is the account to follow for daily hits of outfit inspiration from people who having fun with getting dressed up, to stay in. 

We could all do with a little distraction from working from home life. Luckily, the people of Instagram have taken it upon themselves to spread a little cheer with some creative outfits. While it may be all too easy to stay in your pyjamas and forget what day you last took a shower; getting dressed up will give an instant hit of endorphins. 

Whether you usually work from an office, outside, or an entirely different place – most of us now have the same working space and it looks a little something like our kitchen table. Some people have even fashioned their ironing boards, ping pong tables and anything else they can find as a makeshift desk.

Putting on some of your best outfits, or even just styling up comfy clothes in a new way is how a lot of us are coping with not having a reason to actually get dressed. And we approve. For all the inspiration, look to @wfhfits to share the joy. Since it was created on 12 March it has since racked up over 13,000 followers and has got everyone tagging #wfhfits and sliding into their DMs for a chance to be featured. 

For a lunch break or your post-work light read, take a look at our top 9 #WFH outfits that are guaranteed to uplift your new regime. 

Take inspiration from Chrissy Ford and make your pyjamas so damn fancy they’ll qualify as a daytime outfit, too. Sleeper is the brand to look to for styles that are just too good to only be seen by your duvet and pillows. 

If you’ve ever invested in a gown from The Vampire’s Wife, you’ll want to get the wear out of it and now is as good a time as any. Go for gold and style it up with sparkly heels and make an entrance into your lounge for any family members/housemates/pets present. They’ll appreciate it.

Hands up who hasn’t removed their hoodie since what feels like the beginning of time? That’s okay. In fact, a cashmere two-piece is what we can all now call an ‘investment buy’ as the cost-per-wear will end up being pennies at this rate. Add socks and chunky Gucci loafers to make it fashion. 

When you want to look cute – but also save on the gas bill – it’s all about layering. Dress over jeans and socks with slip on loafers equals the perfect uniform. Shoulder robe that knit (or blanket) for extra effect/warmth. 

Giving the ultimate lesson in getting dressed for your 9am Zoom meeting, it’s all about making your top half look like you mean business. Layer pearls like you’re Harry Styles, add a sassy statement jacket and sunglasses à la Anna Wintour. Now you’re ready for your webcam debut. 

Don’t be alarmed if you suddenly start dressing like your surroundings. That house plant is inspiration for spring’s key green hues, the fridge may show you how to style neutrals and your phone case may remind you to actually eat one of your five a day at some point this month. 

You may start to be creative with your accessories. That scarf that’s been tucked in your pant drawer, whip it out and style it as an Audrey Hepburn head scarf. Sunnies not essential, but strongly advised. 

No one will actually really see your feet so those house shoes can stay firmly on. Wear that going out top and team it with your staying in joggers – it’s all about balance. 

Who knew this many people owned Crocs? Luckily they haven’t taken any attention away from the Killing Eve style Villanelle dress moment. You’re ready to be the star of your own office. 

Opening images: @shotfromthestreet @monikh @chrissyford

Other images: courtesy of @wfhfits

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