YouTube has launched a fashion channel that is actually bringing you insider access

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Chanel spring/summer 2019 show

YouTube launch a dedicated fashion channel bringing you an access all areas guide to the fashion industry and beyond. 

Whether it’s for music, entertainment, tutorials or just getting lost in a video hole, YouTube is a platform we are all familiar with. However, the media platform, which heralds the title of second biggest search engine in the world, is launching a new channel, which aims to bring unfettered access from not just the fashion front line, but deep into the industry.

Launched this week (in line with New York Fashion Week) YouTube Fashion will be a hub a content where you can find live streams of the most talked-about fashion shows, insider interviews, fashion how-to tutorials, closet tours, red carpet style and creator content from the biggest names in the industry. 

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We spoke to Derek Blasberg, who serves as director of YouTube Fashion and Beauty, who explains exactly why YouTube have decided to do this now and how this is going to benefit you. “Top shelf content on the site during the next four weeks will be fashion shows from New York, London, Milan and Paris. There will also be a series called, ‘Stories of Style’ - which acts as a behind the scenes look at the fashion industry. There is a vertical devoted to model, which we have coined ‘the model army’, another devoted to careers. Publishers like Stylist and other magazines will also have a vertical where they can create content and publish articles for their readers. So instead of this kind of content being dotted all around the site it’s in one channel dedicated to you, where algorithms will pick up what you like and bring you more of that type of content.”

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“What we see doing really well on the site is slight longer piece - between six and eight minutes - that has a narrative structure and is personality rich. So, whoever in the content is someone super charismatic or witty or someone that holds your attention. Also, I think people come to YouTube to learn something. It doesn’t have to be as descriptive as like five tips for the perfect little black dress, but I think when people are watching YouTube they want to learn something or discover something or find a practical method that they can apply to their stylish life.”

Your front row seat to fashion's most exciting events.

Personality is really what is driving this channel and YouTube have already seen success with the like of the Naomi Campbell and her pre-flight ritual. (Seriously though, you have to watch this video). “I don’t know if you saw Naomi Campbell’s do her pre-flight routine where she is wiping down her seat with a wet wipe? That worked super well and I’ve been on a few flights recently, I wasn’t as thorough in my wet wiping of my airplane seat but I definitely bought wet wipes and I definitely wiped off the little gadget things! Alexa Chung does very different content, she recently did a ‘what’s in my bag’ reveal, and I think often those types of videos can be sponsored but her most definitely wasn’t! Something that I like about Youtube is that it has an authentic, unaltered un-editorialised point of view.”

“What was want to create is this pulling back the curtain on fashion. We recently did a video with Pete Davidson, the comedian, where he was walking the Alexander Wang show, and he did a video of what it’s like to be a male model for a day, which before YouTube I don’t think this sort of content would have existed.” 

For those wanting to dip their toes into this space but don’t know where to start, Blasberg is on hand to guide you. “You have to watch the Naomi Campbell video of her at Valentino Couture, which is really emotive and celebrates black beauty. Alexa Chung did a video diary of her Met Gala dress which I loved. Karlie Kloss drove Emma Chamberlain around Paris and that was pretty hilarious. There is so much to feast on, you just want to dive in!”

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