How do you train chest at home? Fitness trainers answer the most googled questions

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How do you train chest at home? Maddy and Alex from Soul Sisters Fitness answer the most googled questions.

Let’s face it, you either love home workouts or you don’t. But as we will be stuck without gyms for a while, it’s best to get on board with living room workouts.

That means learning how to train with your bodyweight, resistance bands or limited weights as effectively as possible. These things are obvious when it comes to some forms of training (looking at you, banded squats and banded rows). But when it comes to our chest, how do we train without a bench and a bar?

So we asked Maddy and Alex from Soul Sisters Fitness to clear up the confusion and explain how we can effectively train our chest from home. 

What is the best bodyweight chest exercise?

“You don’t need to complicate things. Doing the basics well, with the right form, is going to get you the best results. So with that in mind, you can’t really get better than a press-up. Make the modifications, whether you need to lower the knees or make it into a box press-up, and then as you get stronger, make it more challenging.”

Soul Sisters Fitness
Soul Sisters Fitness explain the best chest exercises

Do you need weights to train chest?

“To really isolate your pec muscles, you probably do need some weights. But unless you’re working out six days a week, you probably don’t need to do a chest isolation day. Especially right now, as we’re limited by what we can do, it’s better and more effective to look at the body as a whole. Work the upper body fully by doing press-up variations, burpees and planks, as these will also train the shoulders and core.”

How many reps should you do to train chest at home?

“Work until failure. The way you’re going to get stronger is through the quality of the movement and the range of the movement, so get that chest all the way to the floor. You can also play around with the time and the tempo: try lowering for three to five seconds, or switch up the hand positioning to do wide grip or diamond push ups.”

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