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Gymshark X Whitney Simmons, new protein shakes and workout events: 11 new fitness things launching in September

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’Tis the month to kickstart your wellness routine. Get ahead of the game with the newest kit, classes and foods launching in September 2021. 

We haven’t been at school in years, yet September continues to bring with it an air of change and excitement. As well as buzzing about new textbooks and lunchboxes (because some things never change), we now also anticipate newness in our health and fitness routines.

Luckily, some of the best brands have heard our cries for something to kick start our love for movement, nutrition and wellbeing – and they’re delivering. From period packs to new gyms, there’s a whole host of things to get excited about this month. Here’s what the Strong Women team are sharpie-ing into their September schedule.  


    Whitney Simmons in the new Gymshark collection doing crunches
    Best activewear launches in September: Gymshark X Whitney Simmons: Season 3

    The third collaboration between gym-goer favourite Gymshark and lifting influencer Whitney Simmons launches on 16 September - and we’re excited. The collection is made of buttery-soft leggings, shorts and bras and loose hoodies and trackies to combine comfort and performance. 

    On sale from 16 September. 


    Women sat on rebounding trampolines at Frame studio
    Best fitness classes in September: Frame

    Frame is a cult-favourite studio in London for their pop-inspired classes and no-BS trainers. Their latest campaign, in collaboration with Candice Braithwaite, is all about celebrating how exercise can fit into our everyday lives no matter what our ability. 

    With classes and subscriptions on offer that are targeted to newbies, time-poor trainers and mums, there’s a way for everyone to exercise. We love their newest class, titled Your Mum’s VHS, for heart-rising aerobics set to a 90s soundtrack. What’s not to love? 

    On offer now, packages from £10. 


    The poster for Urbantri
    Best fitness events in September: Urbantri

    Forget competing in an actual triathlon; the London elite will be fusing the fitness skills they gained from boutique classes with their appetite for a challenge in the Urbantri. Hosted by United Fitness Brands, the collaboration between owners of Barrecore, Kobox and Boom Cycle, the event is being dubbed the “ultimate fitness and endurance test”. Push your muscles in barre before following up with a powerful punch and finish up with a sprint on the bike.

    Taking place 19 September, tickets £52.


    John Reed fitness in London with strength training machines against a celestial painted wall
    Best fitness launches in September: John Reed Fitness opens a gym.

    Hotfoot it down to Liverpool Street to be one of the first members at London’s newest gym, John Reed. Already a roaring success in LA, Venice and 39 other cities, the gyms fuse design, music and fitness for a training environment that is quite unlike any other. Take, for instance, their Zurich club, which features golden trinkets alongside treadmills and garishly filled bookshelves to view while using the hip abductor machine.

    With a well-equipped weights room, cardio machines, functional area, boxing ring and hot yoga studio, plus free drinks as part of your membership, it is set to be London’s buzziest new workout zone. We’ll see you there.

    Opening 20 September, membership from £100.


    Form Nutrition's Peak blend powder bag with smoothie
    Best fitness products in September: Form Nutrition's Peakblend.

    Unarguably the most delicious protein powder out there, Form are launching their latest product after two years worth of testing. Peakblend is designed to be a fully satisfying drink for busy people who don’t want to compromise on flavour or nutrients – and it delivers. 

    In their same favourite chocolate-peanut flavour and signature smoothness, Peakblend is packed with vegan protein, gluten-free oats, flaxseeds, gut-friendly bacteria, dietary fibre and 26 of the main vitamins and minerals for a perfectly balanced vegan meal.

    Goodbye, cereal bars and soggy supermarket sandwiches. We won’t miss you.

    Available from 1 September, £49 for 1.3kg. 


    Eco-friendly activewear is nothing new, but conscious clothing that can actually enhance training is. Pressio is the brand doing that, putting the performance of traditional materials, such as virgin yarn, into recycled materials. Coupled with a unique muscle alignment power print – offering a higher amount of support compared to other activewear – it’s kit that’s great for you, your PBs and the planet.

    Its new colour range is launching in September, made with no-dye technology to save water and toxic chemicals. Win, win, win. 

    Available from 20 September, from £40.


    ‘Protein bars’ get a bad rap. But if you want to up your snacking while still being satisfied, turn to Nick’s. The Swedish brand is launching its first range in the UK and it’s full of muscle-loving nutrients without the palm oil and chalky taste.

    From high-protein brownies to gluten-free wafers and – wait for it – no added sugar peanut butter chocolate ice cream. Drool.

    Available from 1 September, from £5. 


    A woman doing a barbell row in the gym
    Best fitness events in September: FlexChelsea workshops

    You can sign up to the world’s best strength training programme, but sometimes it takes some IRL guidance to really perfect your training. That’s where Flex Chelsea’s strength training workshops come into play.

    Over the course of three sessions, expert trainers will be sharing essential tips on two of the most common (and important) compound movements: the barbell squat and the deadlift.

    Whether you’re a beginner who wants to learn the basics, a regular gym-goer who just wants to improve their form or someone coming back from injury or illness, you can join one or all of the below two-hour sessions:

    The Foundations: Sunday 12 September (bodyweight and heavy dumbbells)

    Raising the Bar: Sunday 26 September (learning to work with barbells)

    Adding Load: Sunday 10 October (deeper dive into progressive overload & accessory movements)

    Starting 12 September, £40 per workshop.


    A woman holding a Shreddy blue dumbbell in her hand
    Best fitness products in September: Shreddy restock

    Many people are sticking with the home workouts they’ve known and loved for 18 months – which means taking your kit seriously is long overdue. Rather than a higgledy-piggledy mountain of bands and mismatched dumbbells piled up in the corner of your otherwise perfectly decorated living room, opt for the sleek design of Shreddy’s re-stocked dumbbells.

    As they’re coming from one of the best-loved fitness accessory brands, you can also be assured that they’re going to launch your new school year progress. With weights from 4-8kg, you can press, curl and lift your way through the month.

    Restocked from 1 September, from £25.


    A woman with her hands over her eyes
    Best fitness classes in September: eye yoga

    Your back and glutes aren’t the only things that need a good stretch after a day at the desk; your tired eyes also need a little TLC. Enter: Gymbox’s new virtual eye yoga class. Specially designed for those who are suffering from Zoom fatigue to help focus their eyes, relieve eye strain, increase concentration, and encourage a sense of calm in both their mind and body. 

    Expect head and neck movements, self-massage, candle gazing and isolated eye movements, all done from the comfort of your home. It’s time to get holistic with your health. 

    Subscriptions start from 6 September, from £10. 

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