Home workout: train like an athlete with this full-body circuit from Jaz Sawyers

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This full-body workout is perfect for when you’re lacking inspiration and space. 

Adjusting to working out from home has been tough for most of us. Swapping the gym and boutique classes for live streams and bodyweight circuits has left many of us feeling a bit uninspired. And that’s OK: we shouldn’t feel guilty for taking this time to go a bit slower than normal.

But what if exercise is your career? That’s the reality for the many athletes and sports people who are trying to keep on top of their training in lockdown. This is the reality for Team GB long jumper Jaz Sawyers.

“I wake up and I know that all I have to do all day is get the training session done. Yet there doesn’t seem to be the same urgency as when it’s structured and organised for me. I’ve had days when I haven’t even picked up the weights until 7PM. 

“There’s not a magic motivation button I can press, some days I’m just not motivated. I’ve got to do it and I’ll always get it done, but I’m definitely finding it harder to get things done at a reasonable time.”

Nevertheless, Jaz is part of the Adidas Home Team campaign to spread a message about the importance of movement. “I think not moving all day can make you feel awful,” she says. “Even though I am still doing as much training as usual, the rest of my day has been really sedentary so I’ve started focusing a lot more on recovery and stretching and rolling. That can be really helpful for these times, especially if you’re doing a lot more jumping exercises during circuits or HIIT.” 

Athlete Jaz Sawyers shares a home workout inspired by her own training

If you’re ever feeling as unmotivated as Jaz has to get that workout done, she’s shared a circuit inspired by her own training to help get you strong and sweaty. 

A full-body home workout by athlete Jaz Sawyers

Do 40 seconds of work and then rest for 20 seconds before moving on to the next exercise. Repeat the circuit three times.

1. Press-ups

“There are loads of variations you can do here,” explains Jaz. “Do press-ups on the floor or elevate your feet on the sofa or a chair to make it harder. If it’s too hard, then elevate your hands instead to make it easier.”

2. Single leg split squat jump

“Put your back foot up on the sofa or chair and do a single leg squat. But rather than just pressing up out of it, jump out of the front foot so it’s more explosive. My downstairs neighbours don’t love that one but it’s a really great exercise and it will get your heart rate going a lot more than you might think.”

3. Plank walk-ups

“Do an elevated plank with your elbows resting on a sofa or chair. Then press up to a high plank position, and back down again. Hold your core during the whole exercise to stop your hips moving from side to side, and it turns into a real burner.”

4. Tricep dips

“These are easy to do at home and amazing for the arms. Again, do them off of your sofa or chair, and keep the core engaged the whole time.”

5. Single leg hip thrusts

“Rest your upper back and shoulders on a chair or sofa and bring one knee into the chest so that you’re pressing up into a bridge through just a single leg. As long as you’re keeping your ribs down and holding your core tight you’ll be really getting into the glute. Once you’ve done 15 reps of that you’ll realise you do not need weight to make it effective, but if you do want something, you can hold a big water bottle across your hips.”

To find out more about the adidas #HomeTeam go to adidas.co.uk/HomeTeam.

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