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6 easy, high protein recipes recommended by fitness experts that are tasty and nutritious

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We all need a solid selection of recipes on hand for a quick and easy breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks when inspiration is low. These are the meals that the Strong Women team have on rotation… 

We’re in the eighth week of lockdown. That means eight weeks with no lunchtime Pret runs to pick up a tasty soup, or weekend trips to the authentic Italian restaurant in your neighbourhood. It means eight weeks of home cooked food, three times a day. We don’t know about you, but finding the inspiration to make delicious meals ourselves is getting tough. 

Let’s look on the bright side of this: cooking for yourself means you can make nutritious recipes that will help you feel amazing. But, as with ordering from a new menu, when making something new you need reassurance that it’s going to deliver on taste.

If you’re on the lookout for meals that are guaranteed wins, the Strong Women team have shared the recipes they can’t get enough of. 

  • Courgette noodle curry by The Fitchen

    Try this raw courgette curry

    “This is one of my favourite meals to prepare for dinner because it’s healthy, delicious and so simple to make – it’s actually a raw recipe so you don’t even have to cook anything,” says fitness editor Meriam Ahari. “I love creamy sauces on everything, and the cashew and avocado combined with the curry and chili paste create a flavourful, savoury sauce with a rich consistency – which is great since I miss eating out at my local Thai these days.”

  • Fish tacos by Jamie Oliver

    Spicy fish tacos by Jamie Oliver

    “This is the one Jamie Oliver recipe I keep coming back to, whether that’s for a speedy afterwork meal or a dinner party,” says Andrea Williams, health and fitness partnership director. “It’s such a crowd pleaser. The five spice salmon is delicious against the fresh cucumber salad, minty yogurt and tied together in a squishy wrap. I replace the flour tortillas with wholemeal wraps, just because I prefer them. The mix of flavours is just divine – you won’t be disappointed!” 

  • Banana bread by ifoodreal

    Add chocolate chips into this banana bread to make it a real winner

    “Sorry to be such a cliche, but baking banana bread is on my agenda every week,” says Chloe Gray, fitness writer. “This recipe is my all time favourite and as it uses coconut flour it’s perfect for a time when flour is STILL missing from the shelves. I add in chocolate chips because… why wouldn’t you?”

  • Buddha bowl by Rhitrition

    Chloe is also a big fan of “throw it all in a bowl” meals. This vegan recipe from nutritionist Rhiannon Lambert is perfect for that – packed with flavour, fibre and protein, but easy to mix up depending on what’s in the fridge. 

  • Peanut butter & cacao balls by Deliciously Ella

    Deliciously Ella energy ball recipe
    Deliciously Ella's energy balls are a go-to for Felicity

    “I’m a huge snacker. I need something to nibble on at about 11am and 3pm most days,” says executive digital editor Felicity Thistlethwaite. “A couple of years ago my sister shared the recipe for these with me and I’ve never looked back. They’re easy to make - I shove all the ingredients into my five-year-old Nutribullet - and keep for a week. They taste really nice, and don’t give me a huge sugar hit paired with a crash. All this talk has made me hungry…”

  • Asian chicken salad by MOB Kitchen

    “This MOB recipe is cheap and fresh but mainly it’s DELICIOUS,” says Chloe. “I serve mine with rice noodles to make it a bit more filling after a walk on a sunny weekend.”

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