The best workout you can do this lunch time

At home workouts: the 30 minute, full body workout to do on your lunch break

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The best way to spend your lunch hour? Working out with Strong Women.

Welcome to working from home, where we roll out of our pyjamas, into our working-pyjamas, out of our bedrooms and into a, er, different part of our bedrooms.

It’s very easy to let your mornings flow into your evenings, and a lack of structure mixed with presenteeism means that breaks are probably a thing of the past (if they ever existed there, either). 

But studies show that taking your lunch break benefits both your mood and productivity in the afternoon. And the best way to spend it might just be by getting a sweat on. It’s been proven that exercising during the day will decrease mistakes, and speed up memory when you get back to your computer screen. 

That’s why Strong Women is here to reclaim your lunch break. Every day on the Strong Women instagram, we’re putting our ambassadors on our Instagram Stories live feed to lead you through a workout that’s sure to get you ready for your afternoon. 

We know that there’s a myriad of workouts being streamed online, so what makes a Strong Women workout different? We’ll be bringing our no-nonsense attitude to fitness to your living room, garden, or wherever your at-home exercise space is, meaning no boring workouts and not a burpee in sight. Just 45-minutes of high energy exercises that will strengthen your body and mind, from trainers Emma Obayuvana and Alice Miller.

The workouts include a warm up, resistance based supersets such as bent over rows and lunges, and a much needed post-workout stretch. The best bit is that you don’t need any equipment except yourself, but if you’ve got some resistance bands or free weights, you can grab them too for some extra burn. 

So far, so sweaty. “The workouts are now my daily relief, helping me feel more refreshed,” said Megan Capstick who’s been joining in from her back garden. “The trainers have been so motivating and it feels like you’re somewhat socialising with people from the outside world despite the fact that I haven’t left my house.”

Feel like something you need? Follow Strong Women on Instagram to be notified abour when we go live with our workouts at 1 o’clock every day. See you there! 

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Chloe Gray

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