2-in-1 running shorts: the best chafe-free sports shorts

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2-in-1 gym shorts to wear during summer runs or hot workouts.

Working out in the heat is hard enough without worrying about your legs burning in full-length leggings. Let that skin breathe, we say! Except, for some people, workout shorts can be a little tricky. Cycling shorts might be on trend, but they can so often ride up, leave you feeling too exposed or end up chafing.

That’s where 2-in-1 shorts come in. They offer the protection and compression of tight cycling shorts, but the layer on top offers comfort, breeze and modesty.

Sold? Here are our favourites to keep you comfortable during workouts. 

  • Kalenji Run Dry + shorts

    2-in-1 shorts: Kalenji Run Dry + Shorts

    Kalenji Run Dry + shorts, £14.99

    Unlike most other 2-in-1 shorts, these have a thick waistband for extra support but the added benefit of an internal drawstring to make sure they fit perfectly. 

  • Nike Eclipse 2-in-1 shorts

    2-in-1 shorts: Nike Eclipse

    Nike Eclipse 2-in-1 shorts, £39.95

    Made from light, compression fabric underneath a meshed, breathable layer. But the best part about these materials are that they’re sustainable.

  • H&M double layered running shorts

    2-in-1 shorts: H&M double layer shorts

    H&M double layered running shorts, £14.99

    These quick dry short shorts are perfect for very hot days. We love the retro shape and chic grey that matches virtually all of our sports bras.

  • Nike Plus 2-in-1 shorts

    Nike Plus 2-in-1 shorts, £30

    A close-to-body fit, subtle striped waistband and Nike Dri-Fit Max material that wicks sweat fast? We’re impressed.

  • Adidas Detachable 2-in-1 shorts

    2-in-1 shorts: Adidas detachable shorts

    Adidas detachable 2-in-1 shorts, £30

    Adidas takes 2-in-1 to the next level, allowing you to wear this pair three ways. A button hook attaches the loose, lightweight shorts layer over longer cycling tights so you can be ready for any activity. 

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