The best water bottles to keep you hydrated during running

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We’ve found lightweight, packable and easy to hold bottles to keep you hydrated during your summer runs.

Heading out for a jog in bright sunshine sounds like a dream. Until you realise that with running in temperatures in the high 20s comes a lot of sweat, heavy breathing and a very dry mouth.

Unfortunately, keeping hydrated while you’re out means carrying a bottle, and a standard one just won’t do. Taking your usual metal chiller on your run can feel as though you’re lugging a 10kg dumbbell with you, which won’t help you nail that sub-30 minute 5k.

There’s an alternative, of course. You can purchase super lightweight, easy to hold bottles for no more than a few pounds. Be prepared for your warm weather runs to change for the better. 

  • The best handheld running water bottle

    The best running bottles: Karrimore

    There’s nothing fancy about this Karrimore 300ml water bottle, but the shape makes for easy gripping and the easy-to-open sports cap means you won’t have to stop before taking a sip. 

    Karrimore medium run water bottle, £2.50

  • The best flexible running water bottle

    The best running bottles: Kalenji

    This Kalenji bottle will fit in your running belt or can be held comfortably. The best part is that it shrinks as you drink, so you don’t need to lug the empty bottle along with you. Simply roll up and stash away. 

    Kalenji flexible running flask, £7.99

  • The best clip on running water bottle

    The best running bottle: SPI

    If you run with a belt, this SPI 240ml bottle clip on easily. Contoured to sit on your body and bounce-free, it makes for easy hands free running.

    SPI H2O companion water bottle, £9.99

  • The best lightweight running water bottle

    The best running water bottle: Veloforte

    This Veloforte bottle comes in at a tiny 54g, which they claim is 30% lighter than any other sports bottle. It also features a fast-flow nozzle for quick hydration.  

    Veloforte Hydro-Light water bottle, £6.99

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