The best smoothie bowl recipes for summer breakfasts

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These smoothie bowl recipes make the perfect cooling start to hot summer days. 

The British summer may not be consistently filled with sunshine but when it is, it can be surprisingly intense (we’re looking at you, 35C heatwave). With this warm weather comes a whole host of new cravings, meaning it’s out with warming porridge and hearty soups and in with light salads and BBQ food.

One of our favourite ways to start a summer’s day is with a smoothie bowl. The benefits of a smoothie bowl over your regular drink is that they’re thicker, making them slightly more filling (they are basically a breakfast equivalent of ice cream). Most importantly, they’re the perfect excuse to top with delicious additions: think fresh fruit, granola, coconut, seeds and nut butters. 

They’re not only good for mornings though. Smoothie bowls can be made for a quick, nutritious, cooling snack and make for an amazing post-workout meal after sweaty sessions at whatever time of day. 

Whether you’re in the mood for something chocolatey and indulgent or vitamin-packed and green, these are our favourite recipes. 

  • The best yoghurt smoothie bowl

    Yoghurt smoothie bowl from Sweet Potato Soul
    Yoghurt smoothie bowl from Sweet Potato Soul

    Using non-dairy yoghurt, this vegan recipe from Sweet Potato Soul is a high-protein way to start the day. But it’s not just the smoothie that we’re excited by. The tahini granola on top sets it all off – thank goodness that blog author Jenné has shared the recipe for that, too. 

  • The best acai smoothie bowl

    Acai bowl from Dinner At The Zoo

    This recipe from Dinner At The Zoo makes a simple version of the Instagram favourite. But acai is good for more than just photos: packed with antioxidants and utterly delicious, the acai berry makes the perfect base for a nutritious smoothie. 

  • The best green smoothie bowl

    Green smoothie by the BBC

    If you’re craving a ton of fruit and veggies, then try this green smoothie bowl from the BBC. It’s packed with avocado for a creamy texture, mango for sweetness and spinach for a vitamin hit. Top with the homemade seed mixture for an extra boost.

  • The best protein smoothie bowl

    This protein smoothie by Emily Solman contains just four ingredients but is jam packed with protein, fibre and energy. It’s perfect as a post-workout snack, a filling breakfast, or even a quick dessert.

  • The best chocolate smoothie bowl

    Chocolate smoothie bowl by Gina B Nutrition

    This smoothie bowl by Gina B Nutrition is packed with not just cocoa but also topped with nut butter for an extra delicious start to your day. 

  • The best simple smoothie recipe

    Simple strawberry smoothie by Bakerita

    For when the fridge and freezer are looking bare but you’re in need of something sweet, this super simple recipe from Bakerita is where to turn. Top with whatever you have in the cupboard or devour on it’s own. 

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