The best gym shorts for summer workouts

Best activewear: 6 of the best gym shorts for summer workouts

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Think it’s impossible to find gym shorts that you feel comfortable to work out in? The Strong Women team have some recommendations for the best activewear for warm weather workouts. 

As if our at-home HIIT circuits weren’t sweaty enough, the sun’s now starting to come out, too. We don’t want to jinx it, but that might mean that it’s time to retire the high-waisted leggings in favour for something with a bit more breeze.

Don’t freak out. We know that workout shorts are possibly the hardest thing to get right: you need a non-slip waistband, staying power so they don’t roll up the thigh, thick coverage for VPL-free squatting and lightweight material to limit sweating. 

It might sound like an unfeasible task, but it is possible to find some that tick all the right boxes, and our Strong Women team are here to prove it. 

Whether you’re a cycling short kind of person or prefer them loose and free-flowing, we’ve found gym shorts that will keep you comfortable and cool during your workouts.

The best gym shorts for summer

  • Body Glove Girl Buck Up Shorts, £39

    Body Glove Girl gym shorts
    Best activewear: Body Glove Girl shorts have a comfortable waistband.

    Sarah Crowley, events partnership director, says: 

    “I tried these for hot yoga, pilates and barre, and I really loved them. They’re super comfy and have a huge amount of stretch - even the waistband is comfortable. And they’re water resistant, so they’re great for sweaty workouts.”

    Shop Body Glove Girl Buck Up Shorts, £39

  • Nike Fast Shorts, £30

    Nike gym shorts
    Best activewear: Nike gym shorts wick sweat easily.

    Senior beauty writer, Hanna Ibraheem says: 

    “I really like the length of these because they don’t roll up. And the waistband stays up too, which means I didn’t have to keep stopping in the middle of my workout to pull my shorts up. They’re part of the Nike Dry range, which helps to evaporate sweat quicker, and I’ve noticed that at the end of a workout they’re still dry and don’t require peeling off!”

    Shop Nike Fast Shorts, £30

  • Adidas Marathon Shorts, £20

    Adidas gym shorts
    Best activewear: Adidas

    Alyss Bowen, social media editor, says: 

    “I wore these short shorts (they are quite short…) to run the London marathon. It was the hottest London Marathon on record and they did not fall down, they did not chaffe and they felt easy and breezy when the running most certainly did not. If that’s not the ultimate test for a pair of shorts I’m not really sure what is.”

    Shop Adidas Marathon Shorts, £20

  • Lululemon Align Shorts, £38

    Lululemon gym shorts
    Best activewear: Lululemon is a comfortable choice.

    Strong Women ambassador Alice Miller says: 

    “Although these are technically yoga shorts, I wear them for lifting because they’re just so comfy (like everything Lululemon makes!). They’re high-waisted, don’t dig into the thighs and stay put during squats and lunges.”

    Shop Lululemon Align Shorts, £38

  • Ernest Leoty Chloe short, £45

    Fitness writer Chloe Gray says: 

    “I usually find cycling shorts so unflatteringly long on me, but these are the perfect length for my short legs. Not only that, but they’re super high waisted for added comfort. But honestly, my favourite part about them is that they just look really chic.”

    Shop Ernest Leoty shorts, £45

  • Girlfriend Collective High-Rise Run Short, $48

    Girlfriend collective gym shorts
    Best activewear: these Girlfriend Collective shorts can be worn in and out of the gym.

    Freelance writer Amy Beecham says:

    “I swear by Girlfriend Collective for most of my activewear, but these shorts have just the right amount of compression without being uncomfortable when I’m weight lifting. They have good coverage and I find them really flattering, so I often wear them outside of the gym, too.”

    Shop Girlfriend Collective High-Rise Run Short, $48

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