8 female weightlifters to follow on Instagram and help your strength training

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These are the best female weight-lifting Instagram accounts you need to follow if you’re looking to strengthen your workout.

If you’re looking to introduce more weight lifting into your exercise routine, it’s always handy to have some examples of women who are experienced in the strength training game, not just to serve as inspiration, but to pick up some tips from, too.

Thankfully, Instagram is here to help. The social platform boasts a wealth of fitness content, with plenty of female weight lifters posting their favourite training regimes and sharing their progress with followers.

Although studies have previously shown that too much social media time can have a negative impact on our mental health, and we would never encourage following fitness experts online if you don’t feel it would be a positive influence on your wellbeing journey, taking tips and tricks from some of the incredible women below can be a really worthwhile addition to how you manage your fitness schedule.

From keeping your motivation on track to learning new moves and ways of working out, these strong women all demonstrate the huge benefits that weight lifting can have. 

As well as being able to follow their workouts on Instagram, many of them also have their own fitness businesses which you can learn more about if you want to follow their plans beyond the snippets that you see on social media. 

So check out just some our favourite fitness stars on Instagram to give your workout a boost.

  • QiQi H

    QiQi was big into sports when she was growing up, but her weightlifting journey began in a bid to kickstart a healthier lifestyle. Now, she shares a mixture between heavy lifting, HIIT and cardio on her Instagram to inspire others. 

    Her videos are easy to follow and adaptable for all levels, and QiQi is a constant source of self-love inspiration that we should all be filling our feed with. Plus, she is activewear inspiration at it’s finest. 

  • Sophie Butler

    Sophie’s story is one of the most inspiring on Instagram, where she continues to post her fitness journey and expertise despite injuring her spine while training in 2017. Three years later, you’ll find her grid full of workouts showing how her strength has developed, but also inspiring you to lift heavier than you thought you could. 

  • Shona Vertue

    Shona is passionate about all movement, from yoga to running to jiu jitsu, but the theme underlying everything she does is the importance of being strong, which we’re clearly on board with. 

    Shona’s attitude also stems way beyond the aesthetic. She regularly posts stories explaining that there are “99 reasons to exercise and fat loss doesn’t have to be one of them”, where she explains all the benefits of moving more, from mental health to reducing osteoporosis to supporting your lymphatic system. 

    You can find workouts on her Instagram page, YouTube channel or sign up to The Vertue Method to follow her plan. 

  • Laura Hoggins aka Laura Biceps

    Famed for her enviable upper body strength, Laura is a fitness coach and personal trainer. She teaches a mix of modified strongman, strength and conditioning circuits across London, as well as sharing workouts and tips on her Instagram channel. 

    The name of her debut book, Lift Yourself, explains her attitude towards exercise, focusing on better our bodies and minds. Ultimately, Laura always looks like she’s enjoying every second of her workout, and that’s enough to convince us to try them. 

  • Krissy Cela

    Krissy talks about how she once feared the idea of using weights in her workouts because she thought they would make her “bulky” or “manly” but says that her love of the gym has helped her anxiety and done wonders for her mental health. So much so that she has now created her own app to help women learn how to use weights in a way that works for them.

    All of the workouts on her Instagram come with step by step instructions, so even beginners can follow along.

  • Sohee Lee

    Sohee doesn’t just bring you amazing workouts, but she also brings you science behind them too. Not only is she completing a PhD in Sports Science, but she’s got a masters degree in psychology and is a certified strength and conditioning coach and nutritionist. 

    Her approach to fitness is all about making things simple, be-bunking the myths we so often see on social media and helping us all build the knowledge we need to arm ourselves with to get stronger physically and mentally. 

  • Nancy Gonzalez

    Nancy posts amazing workout ideas alongside uplifting captions. “Lifting heavy makes me feel SO empowered,” she recently wrote in one of them, and we have to say: we agree. 

    We love her attitude to fitness, focusing on enjoying the journey rather than the result, because why spend time doing something you hate? 

  • Alice Liveing

    Under usual circumstances, Alice posts strength training videos to inspire our gym workouts. But with a twist: she believes in slowing down to get the most out of our training. Right now, she’s bringing the same attitude to our feeds with home workouts, reminding us all that we don’t need to go hell-for-leather on the burpees to get results during lockdown. 

    Follow Alice for a burst of positivity, amazing workouts and delicious food inspiration. 

Follow @StrongWomenUK on Instagram for the latest workouts, delicious recipes and motivation from your favourite fitness experts.

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