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5 health and fitness podcasts to help you care for your body

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These podcasts aren’t just something to zone out to – they’ll boost your nutritional knowledge, your body confidence and even your next workout…

What are fitness podcasts for? Yelling you out of bed? Screaming in your ear to go faster? If you think that, it’s time to hit shuffle.

Good health and fitness podcasts motivate us to live healthier lives, yes, but through education, encouragement and empowerment.

Fortunately, there’s a podcast for pretty much everything these days, so we thought we’d narrow down some of the best ones out there for cultivating better relationships with our bodies. 

From properly fuelling ourselves for exercise to understanding what it means if our periods suddenly stop, there’s so much essential information to absorb from these five podcasts alone that you’ll want to make time for them all – and then take a mental rest day after. 

Pace yourself…

Running For Real

Running For Real
Health & fitness podcasts: Running For Real

Ever since elite marathon runner Tina Muir shared her story of disordered eating and amenorrhea on her website, thousands upon thousands of woman suffering from irregular or missing periods have reached out to her. Thanks to her openness and honesty, this taboo subject in the running community has gradually been brought to the fore, with more women seeking help for and eventually recovering from hypothalamic amenorrhea. 

Since 2017, Muir’s Running For Real podcast has started even more important conversations, as she interviews her fellow runners, as well as psychologists, nutritionists and sports scientists. Her episode with eating disorder specialist Dr. Jennifer Gaudiani is particularly inspiring. 

RD Real Talk

RD Real Talk
Health & fitness podcasts: RD Real Talk

The same diet plan will have different results for different people. It’s so important to remember that in an industry where everyone has an opinion on what/where/when you should eat.

One dietician whose opinion we’re particularly fond of is Heather Caplan, a so-called “anti-diet dietician.” She uses weight-inclusive practices and intuitive eating principles to help people heal their relationships with food and their bodies. On her Real Talk podcast – created for dieticians but also favoured by athletes – Caplan sits down with her fellow anti-diet practitioners to dissect the diet industry and discuss their philosophies. 

Run Selfie Repeat

Run Selfie Repeat
Health & fitness podcasts: Run Selfie Repeat

If you’re looking to get back (or back into) running, Kelly Roberts’ Run Selfie Repeat will get you there in your own good time. Full of guided runs, fitness 101s and expert insights, her podcast invites you to embrace fitness as a feeling and join her gang as they “get real, get ugly, kick ass and take names.”

Oh, she means an actual gang. Roberts is the founder of Badass Lady Gang, the kind of created-by-women-for-women running community that makes you want to punch the air without a single hint of #GirlBoss. If you’ve been looking for the right motivation to lace up your trainers, take Run Selfie Repeat with you on your next walk and just see what happens… 

The Period Of The Period

the period of the period.
Health & fitness podcasts: the period of the period.

If you have periods, you may already be aware of how your cycle affects your workouts. However, has it ever occurred to you that you can use this knowledge to your advantage, and adapt your exercise plans to better match your hormones? At the same time, if you have missing or irregular periods, have you considered how you relationship to exercise contributes to it?

Through no fault of our own, there’s a general lack of awareness and support around female-specific performance, which is why Kelly McNulty created the period of the period. podcast. McNulty is a PhD candidate looking at the effect of the menstrual cycle of performance and recovery, and here she starts these important and necessary conversations with leading experts on topics from breast health to hormonal contraceptives. Look out for episode six, where she interviews Stylist Strong regular Renee McGregor, a leading sports dietician and specialist in RED-S. 

Eat The Rules

Eat The Rules
Health & fitness podcasts: Eat The Rules

How does medical fatphobia impact Black communities? What does body acceptance really mean? What do you do when you “intellectually get it” but still feel bad in your body? Answering questions just like these in this empowering podcast is confidence coach and best-selling author Summer Innanen. 

In Eat The Rules, Innanen hears the stories of real people and interviews experts in the fields of body image and intersectional feminism to help us “live life beyond the scale.” Her mega vault of episodes also includes practical advice and tips to help us not just accept our bodies, but celebrate them… way beyond Hot Girl Summer.

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