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High protein lunch ideas: try these quick, easy and nutritious recipes

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These lunch recipes are quick and delicious – and also happen to be packed with protein. 

Protein isn’t just something that bodybuilders should be thinking about. In fact, getting enough of this macronutrient in your diet is essential for muscle recovery, strong bones, better sleep and can even lower your blood pressure.

Unfortunately, nutrition is often the last thing on our mind when we’re in a rush. Instead, it’s more a case of grabbing whatever will stop the rumbling, and topping up on the other stuff later. However, nutrient timing can be important: studies show that eating a fair amount of protein in each meal throughout the day has more benefits than eating all of your protein in one go, with general guidelines suggesting optimum intake looks like eating 20-25g of protein every few hours

It doesn’t have to be hard to get a high protein lunch in, though, as these delicious recipes prove. Some require a bit of prep so that you can chuck them in a lunchbox and take them to work, but others are great for cooking fresh now that more of us are at home during the day. Whichever you pick, we guarantee you’ll love them – and they’ll do you good.

  • Chilli tofu by BOSH!

    Chilli tofu bowl
    High protein lunch ideas: chilli tofu

    Tofu is a brilliant source of plant-based protein that pairs perfectly with the umami soy and nutty sesame in this recipe. Using pre-made chilli sauce saves some faff in this meal that takes around 10-minutes of hands-on cooking. 

  • Crunchy rainbow Thai chicken wraps by Ambitious Kitchen

    A chicken satay wrap held in a womans hand
    High protein lunch: Thai wrap from Ambitious Kitchen

    Let’s face it, a satay tortilla sounds better than any wrap you’d get in a meal deal. Texture is everything in these, with the balance of creamy sauce and crunchy vegetables proving that nutritious never has to be boring. 

  • Nutty chickpeas and greens from The Food Medic

    A delicious vegan meal that is packed full of plant protein from chickpeas, broccoli and almond butter. Batch cook this and eat cold from the fridge or pop in the microwave for a warm summer salad.

  • Tofu tahini scramble by The Full Helping

    Tofu scramble
    High protein lunch ideas: try a tofu scramble

    There’s nothing easier than throwing everything in the frying pan, but this tofu scramble is a nice way to mix up your go-to eggs or noodles. The addition of chickpeas also give an extra dose of protein to the tofu.

  • Quick chicken shawarma bowls by Cooking Light

    chicken shwarma
    High protein lunch ideas: chicken shawarma

    This recipe involves throwing a load of ingredients together with herbs and spices for a delicious lunch. With that in mind, you might want to think ahead and pre-cook your chicken and grains (this recipe uses farro, but you can sub for rice, quinoa, couscous or anything you prefer). 

  • Green Spanish omelette by Anita Bean


    You can’t go wrong with an omelette when you want a quick and nutritious meal. Not only do the eggs make this a high protein lunch, but the veggies add in a daily dose of greens too.

  • Canned tuna tacos by Rachel Mansfield

    Tuna tacos
    High protein lunch ideas: tuna tacos by Rachel Mansfield

    Tuna is another high-protein ingredient that shouldn’t be overlooked when it comes to speedy lunches. Upgrade your sandwich with these easy tacos and never look back. 

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