Instagram fitness challenges to keep you active in quarantine

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Liven up your lockdown workouts with these viral challenges. 

We believe in practising gratitude, and right now we are very grateful for the fact that we are in lockdown during a time when the internet exists. We don’t know how we’d be coping if we couldn’t stream films on demand, read relatable lockdown stories every day and play Zoom quizzes with whoever will indulge us.

Let’s not forget that our devices can be used for more productive reasons, too, like helping to stay motivated to move. We love that we can follow along with live workouts (Stylist hosts our own at 1pm on the Strong Woman Instagram on Mondays, Wednesdays at Fridays) or download a yoga app to inspire us to exercise when it’s the last thing we feel like doing. 

Right now, the digital fitness hype is all about sharing workouts on Instagram and social media is filled with streams of people completing weird and wonderful challenges. Sure, some may be doing it just to humble brag about their 5k time (fair enough, we say!), but most importantly these challenges are donating money to help the fight against coronavirus. Want to get sharing and support the cause? These are our favourite ones to try… 

Nike Living Room Cup Challenge

Think you’ve got what it takes to be an athlete? Put yourself to the test as Nike ambassadors challenge their followers in the Living Room Cup. Each week, a new athlete will be sharing a challenge that you can try at home. So far, that’s included Dina Asher-Smith seeing if anyone can beat her 175 mountain climbers in 45 seconds, and Cristiano Ronaldo sharing his 142 toe taps in the same time. We’re exhausted just watching. 

The 5K challenge

Run 5k, donate £5, and nominate five people to do the same. Pretty simple, but so far this challenge has raised over £5 million for NHS workers fighting COVID-19. Been tagged multiple times but can’t face getting out there? Take inspiration from Jessica Ennis-Hill, Laura Whitmore and Adwoa Aboah who are just some of the famous faces taking part. 

The plank challenge

If running isn’t your strong suit, this challenge is all about strength. And lots of it. All you have to do is hold a plank… for five minutes. Don’t worry: you’re allowed to drop down as much as you want (preferably pausing the time as you take a break). Challenge yourself further by adding planks into your quarantine fitness routine to see if you can beat your time by the end of lockdown. 

The handstand challenge

This video of Jake Gyllenhall putting a t-shirt on while in a handstand sent the internet wild. It looks tough, but it’s manageable if you’ve got at least a little bit of upper body and core strength, so get working on those muscles if completing this challenge is your goal. A pro tip: lay the tshirt out so you can slot your hand straight through the arm hole and over your head. You’ll make it look easy. 

The koala challenge

You’ll need a partner for this TikTok famous challenge. Essentially, one person is the ‘tree’ and the other is the ‘koala’ climbing it. The koala has to twist themselves 360° around the tree without help from them or touching the floor. Perhaps not one to try on concrete or a hardwood floor.

The press-up challenge

Yep, Instagram went there. Challenge yourself to do 10 press-ups, then nominate 10 friends to go through the same pain. The other alternative is to see how many press-ups you can squeeze out in one minute, which is a great way to start an upper-body workout to really get those chest muscles working. 

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