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Running podcasts to listen to while clocking up the miles

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Running can be a slog but these podcasts are guaranteed to keep you motivated and committed all the way.

Whether you’re looking for a distraction to cope with lockdown or putting in the groundwork for an autumn race, nothing makes running more enjoyable than a decent soundtrack.

But we’re not talking banging playlists here – keep those for the quick canters and the hard slogs. Listening to music can be incredibly motivating but it’s all too easy to allow your playlist to dictate your pace. When the track changes, you start running faster or slower in time to that new rhythm and before you know it, your speed is all over the place. 

For those steady miles, what you really need is a good library of podcasts, as these help you to maintain a good, steady rhythm with no dramatic changes. Zone out as you clock up the miles, learn something new or find untold motivation – a great podcast can help you do all three. 

Here are six of the best:

Well Far

If you ever needed the motivation to get up and get out there, Amy Lane is your woman. Now on season 2, her Well Far podcast covers everything from what to eat before your long run to what impact your menstrual cycle can have on your race times.

Listen back to season 1 for all the news you can use, in-depth in-studio interviews and running conversations – all packed into a neat hour slot (perfect for timing your Sunday Runday jogs!). If you’re training for your first marathon, season 1 will take you through each part of your schedule, right up until race day. And when you get to the start line, you might find that listening back to old episodes is exactly what you need to keep calm and steady.

Season two has seen a slight format change, as Amy heads out onto the road with her guests for a long run chat, followed by a guided yoga cool down.

So download, listen in and get ready to go #wellfar. 

Listen to Well Far here. 

Love Made in Chelsea? In the market for some running banter? Say hello to Running the Show – a new series featuring Sam Thompson and DJ Dev Griffin as they train to take on 26.2 miles.

The pair has been challenged to train for their first marathon in just 12 weeks and they’re learning exactly what that entails. Sure, the actual race has been postponed but these guys are still training and navigating the highs and lows of clocking up the miles.

Follow their journey and who knows, maybe you’ll be ready to race your own marathon in 12 weeks.

Listen to Running The Show here. 

Kelly Roberts is something of an international running legend. As well as being a sub-4 hour marathon runner, her whole ethos is about showing that “health is not a look, it’s a lifestyle”.

Kelly set up Badass Lady Gang as a way of “redefining what strength looks like through running around the world” - with the aim of getting more women pounding the pavements. Her podcast is a series of short, weekly pep talks designed to help you take the first step.

Expect real talk everything from weight vs health, when to simply rest and why certain times of the year feel so un-motivating. Oh, and there are lots of guided runs episodes. 

Listen to Run Selfie Repeat here.

This one is for the running nerds who want to hear from their running heroes.

Hosted by athlete and coach Mario Fraioli, these lengthy episodes are dedicated to in-depth conversations with top athletes, coaches and personalities from the running world. Want to know what kind of mindset it takes to be one of the fastest runners in the world? This is the pod for you.

Lifestyle inspiration from those at the very top of their game. 

Listen to The Morning Shakeout here.

Bryony Gordon’s Mad World Podcast

grief and loss jada sezer
Grief and loss: Jada Sezer with Bryony Gordon: "When I’m mentally strong, I feel a large amount of self-esteem and self-confidence"

Don’t think you could run a marathon? Reckon that running is best-left to the clean-living lycra warriors? Well, Bryony might just be the woman to follow to change your mind.

At 39, she’s training for her third London Marathon – having completed last year’s in nothing but her underwear and trainers. Her honest accounts of her battles with poor mental health compliment her extraordinary running feats which she does in aid of mental health charities and body positivity. She uses Instagram to motivate herself and her followers as she challenges herself to run more, and feel better. She also supports Mental Health Mates’ ‘Celebrate You’ campaign.

It’s no surprise then that her podcast is all about becoming mentally unwell…and getting well again. She’s had everyone talking about their battles with mental health, from Fearne Cotton to Frank Bruno. Not strictly a running-related pod but it’s exactly what you might need to hear when the going gets tough and your running becomes more of a mental battle.

Listen to Mad World here.

Again, not strictly a running podcast but the Power Hour is one of the most motivational listens out there.

Hosted by Adidas Runner and FIIT trainer Adrienne Herbert, this pod is all about finding out what successful people do for themselves during their ‘power hour’ - the one hour of the day when no one has any demands on your time. It might be going for a run, working on a side hustle or practicing self-care.

It’s interesting to hear when these power hours tend to be; some guests are up and having their hours at 5am, while others only get that window of peace in the dead of night.

We challenge you not to want to create your own Power Hour after listening to a couple of episodes.

Listen to Power Hour here.

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